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January 11, 2019 | Jon Mostad

The tree grows from the tip of its outer leaf where the edge touches the wind; does not use power.

I would like to reflect upon how the nature grows. Are you concerned with the theme? From time to time when I go for a walk in the woods, I lay down at a tree and look up in the crown. Then I have all the peace I need to think about, what time has the tree become so big? Do you do so? Try once for a while.

If we understand how a tree grows, we can grow in the same way and life becomes easier for us.

Welcome to my blog my friend. Do you know me? If not, then you will know that I write a weekly text that is posted Friday 1900 (PM 0700 CET) and will be shared on Facebook. Every day I post a quote/caption on Instagram @mostadjon where I elaborate on the theme of the week. Do you browse through my blog you can find texts with spiritual themes. Search for a topic you are concerned with and I almost believe I can guarantee you hits.

Let's go to the theme, ok?


I'll say some words about the leaf, in many ways the very symbol of self-renewing nature. First off all I'll turn my attention towards water. The ancient Indian brahmans and Chinese natural philosophers before our time bill, understood the mysteries of nature perhaps better than us. They have given us a wonderful array of mythical symbols and sayings we can enjoy when we understand nature. I'm especially a fan of "water withstands nothing but breaks down everything". Taste the statement once more "Water does not resist anything but breaks down everything". What do the words tell you?

You have guaranteed dried water from a table top with your hand or a piece of cloth. No problem. The water does not withstand anything. Almost easier than lifting a feather, wipe the water off the table top. But - and there's a big breeze - you go out into nature so you see how the water forms mountains and storm floods destroys a city. What about this water, it’s both easier to move than a feather and at the same time stronger than a bomb?

What does the water knows that I do not know?

Strong as a leaf

You and I breathe, no doubt about it, but what are we breathing? I have learned that I'm breathing oxygen and you might agree with me? When I read literature about the ancient Indian Vedic culture, which forms the basis of Hinduism, I learn that the oxygen itself does not give me life, I also breathe into what the Hindus call Prana, which is a Sanskrit word meaning "life energy". Prana is a special «essence» of the air I breathe. If I breathe a little Prana, my life energy becomes low and vice versa. I also read that Prana is "solar particles" and I can see them if I look carefully at the sun. Yes, I can see Prana and I understand what Prana is doing with me. If I want to be "high on Prana," I'll stay in the sun.

What does this have to do with the leaf?

I know the principles of photosynthesis. The roots of the tree draw water through the trunk and evaporate through the leaves in the crown, all initiated by the sun. Suddenly one day I lay under a tree and breathed Prana, I realized that the tree does not grow from the root - it grows from the crown, even rather "from the tip and its outer leaf where the edge touches the wind, using no power. "

It is the outermost edge of the leaf touching Prana that stretches the tree against the sun and creates its growth!

I was almost shocked by my own discovery. The tree grows by «touch through non-touch". What does the tree knows that I do not know? I have to ask the same question again. The ancient Indian religious scripts and the Chinese natural philosophers knew long before our time bill that there is a natural act that deals with action through non-action.

A natural law of all nature

When a tree grows from the edge of its outer leaf, where the blade touches the sun particles contained by the oxygen, what about you and me? Do we grow like the tree? I want to say YES, albeit in an abstract form. We grow through our minds because reality is created by the thought. The path to growth for man goes through opening the senses into the higher consciousnesses. To get there where we can open the higher sense organs, we cannot use power. The path follows action through non-action.

Look at the dandelions. It grows through asphalt, stretches its head against the sun. It does not use power. That's how it is for all nature, it's lifting itself without the use of power. As you move from your spiritual inner to your physical outer, you move without the use of muscle strength. This is exactly like when the ancient martial arts reject their enemies without destroying them, neutralizing them using action through non-action, called Wu Wei by the Chinese.

«Towards a focused mind, the universe surrenders" says an old saying. Are you focused and going through life in humility, you are a source that "Resists nothing but breaks down everything". You are the leaf of your own tree of life, lifting yourself by non-action.

Wouldn’t that be beautiful?


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