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"You’ve never been a better version of yourself, why not give it a try? " (@mostadjon)

I live in a neighborhood where I am fortunate to see the starry sky quite clear. The area I live in consists of low and humble houses that surround themselves with little light when darkness comes on. Therefore, I am fortunate to see the stars and their images in the sky and receive inspiration to reflect on the universe of infinity. This week's text will be about "self esteem" and what this has to do with stars I will return to immediately.

Welcome to my weekly blog. In my process as a writer and teacher, I am concerned about human evolution as spiritual beings. What does it mean to be human? Does Man have a purpose? If so, which one? My reflections are a great deal about directing your mind beyond a limited physical sense-created world to seek a deeper understanding of what life can do about it. If you search for my blog, you will find many performances that consider Man's "real" task on Earth.

I write a blog text every week and post it on Friday at 7 PM CET (Central European Time). The texts in the year 2019 are based on quotes I posted in the year 2018. In this way, the blogs are my in-depth studies of specific topics. I write independently of politics and religion. I seek knowledge in the great mythical narratives, including the religious and spend a lot of time studying various texts and writers. My texts can be characterized by being based on both practice and science. I like to call the frame what I write as "narrative science".

You can find my daily quotes and captions on Instagram as @mostadjon.

Let's take a closer look at the week's theme «self esteem».

In the dark I see the light

I started a few words about how lucky I am to live so I can see the starry sky quite clearly. What is the connection between the stars and the week's theme? Well, actually it all. As I stand on the ground looking up to the living and luminous sky, I look into the infinite space we've all come from. You and I are the deepest star dust, materialized remnants of gas explosions at the birth of the universe, developed toward a physical life, through an endless journey. In the evening when I stand on the lane in front of my house I live in and look into the constellations, I look into my own living space. A journey of infinity has led me from being undefind star dust to a living human who is able to view his infinity. Of dust I have come and of dust I shall be, and of dust I shall be resurrected. This perspective is part of the Christian burial ritual and the story holds the beauty of my life. I've traveled from the stars to Earth and I'll be back when time comes.

"In the dark I see the light" is both a profane and a sacred consideration. I have to be in a dark place to enjoy the diversity of the stars; here we have the profane perspective. At the same time, darkness is the prerequisite for the spiritual part of my journey and my stay on Earth. You and I have come to earth to let us enlighten as souls and to help illuminate the Earth as a living planet. This is what our journey of life in a spiritual perspective is all about. In several of my texts you will find reflections that are just about this.

Journey from dust to man

The idea that yours and my journey start as star dust generated by a violent explosion of gas, at the beginning of the Universe, is almost more than I can accommodate. I have to put my 3D ideas about place and time aside to be able to accommodate the picture. The journey consists of an infinity in time before "I" is gathered and establishes myself as a building block in the realm of minerals. By being a stone, I was given the opportunity to develop my consciousness in its slow form through the journey of infinity. Gradually, I learned to develop simple feelings for how to attract and remove myself from frequencies other than my own. I eventually entered into more complex contexts with others who participated in the same journey as me. At a level that is almost impossible to explain, I became part of the consciousness of the realm of minerals. Today, as a human and adult I’m able to feel and understand how the realm of minerals considers.

The realm of minerals is the foundation of the evolution of the next level of consciousness; the realms of plants. The path from the realms of minerals to the realms of plants is so infinitely long that it cannot be understood with the logical sense. The most developed mineral forms move their experiences and properties into a simple plant form and share closeness with their former species heritage. The stay in the realm of plants develops more advanced feelings, nerves and the ability to create strategic actions in collaboration with others. Plants feel, learn, move, and enter into complex societies with purpose. Through an infinity of time, my senses, my nervsystem and my ability to create beliefs about the desired situation were so developed that evolution could give me access to a higher way of life.

The life of plants became the transition to the advanced form of the realm of animals. From the advanced forms of plants I found the transition to the early forms as life in the realm of animals. Life in the realm of animals is highly advanced. Here, nature develops deeply different senses that provide opportunities for advanced learning of cognitive structures, participation in complex social relations and the ability to create purposeful actions. Life in the realm of animals is a collective way of life where species share traits and live in advanced communities. Some species of animals live close to humans and have parts of the human experience and thought world introduced to them.

The evolution brings all consciousness forward and the development is moving more and more towards the advanced life forms. From the realm of animals, the advanced members will achieve a way of life as an individualized human soul. Senses, nerves and cognitive assumptions have been developed so far that the life-style of individualized human beings is the next stage of development. I become humble at the thought that you and I have traveled this way from stardom to individualized soul. The universe has, through its expansion, developed increasingly advanced forms of life; eventually the development was mature enough to let Man rise in his form.

The path from stardom to individualized human soul is both a physical, metaphysical and spiritual journey in space. The journey is for the few; the one who is receptive to what the evolution gives of potentials and is able to seize it. In such a picture, you and I are unique. You and I have never been a better version of ourselves. Does the journey stops here? I don't think so. In my understanding of the Universe, our journey continues and this is the theme of another blog.

Self esteem

I have asked our everyone's dear Wikipedia «what is self esteem» and the medium responds: «Self-esteem reflects an individual's overall subjective emotional evaluation of their own worth. It is the decision made by an individual as an attitude towards the self. Self-esteem encompasses relate to oneself, as well as emotional states, such as triumph, despair, pride, and shame» (Wikipedia:

I hardly think it can be said more precisely and beautifully?

An all-embracing emotional self-assessment of own value. I work a lot with people and I often get sad about the experience of how many people express a negative experience of themselves and who are unable to honor themselves for being human as it is. Only the most enduring and the chosen of the spiritual evolution enter into the realm of men and become individual souls. Life as an individualized soul in a physical body in a heavy atmosphere like that on Earth is for the one selected through evolution.

It is at this stage of our evolution we have been given a soul as human beings and therefore we have never been a better version of ourselves - perhaps an idea to let that edition have an opportunity to make its own experiences, even if they are suffering?


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