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  • Jarle Berghammer


September 2019

Why this theme? I have grown up within the framework of a natural science context. What could be measured was real and scientific, everything else was unreal and unscientific. I am educated and trained to understand and act within the framework of what can be measured. Everything else, such as play, imagination and experiences, was of course allowed and had its space, but this did not belong to reality. The reality existed only within the limits of my senses. You recognize yourself? Then I arrived in good adulthood, on my first visit to India and South East Asia, and experienced that reality is far more! I experienced universities, scientific staff and people in general, with an understanding of knowledge, life and reality that blasted the frameworks of my academic and experience-based world. I knew liberation. The world turned out to be so infinitely more than my  existing limited ideas. Obviously, I knew this before I traveled to India and South East Asia. Studies, meditation and immersion in the great mythical narratives, had long shown me a world bigger than mine. I use this story more as a metaphor for what I'm going to extract - our sensational and experience-based Self understands only a limited part of what the world consists of. My first study trip to India was happening in the footsteps of the great Indian teacher Paramahansa Yogananda, and the footsteps led me to a lot of landing. The purpose of my journey was to learn about the encounter between natural science and spirituality. I knew I had to get to know this meeting so that my life could find its greater shape. Here we are at the heart of what my text for this week is about; gateway between a measurable and limited world and an experience-based and expanded world. I am at the meeting between natural science and spiritual science. Humans will succeed in taking the step into a larger future world if they open up for the science of spirituality.  Science of Nature The Western civilization's measuring and descriptive science is a result of a the development of the logically-analytical brain. You who have read my previous blog texts know my words. An ancient and unknown  civilization we hardly can see through remains of symbols, mythical texts and hidden knowledge, transformed to the great civilizations on Earth, such as the Caldean-Egyptian, a wisdom that required a developed logical-analytical brain. When the people at this time in their history gained knowledge of "the mathematics of the universe", the phenomenological brain was dominant. Man had an animistic approach to reality and should now be raised to an empirical (logical and reflective) approach to reality. This big evolutionary project started the gradually evolution of the mythical brain into a specialized logical brain Read my blog text for week 27 - Spirituality, technology and futures, to learn more.  The result of the "little death" (night) of the mystery brain, is that we developed a natural science brain that has given humans great victories. Before you study the flower it's a flower - but what then? I am highly inspired by the ancient Chinese natural philosophy, Taoism. The old Taoists are really on the trail of an expanded understanding of the mind and consciousness. In several of my blogs I write about Taoism. You can search for tags that will download the lyrics to you. The Taoists say "Before you study the mountain it is is a mountain, when you study the mountain there is no mountain, after studying the mountain it is a mountain". I mean these words contain my message. Those who reach understanding have opened the room to the self-transforming mind. I will try to be more exact and turn to the world of flowers.

Are you among those who know the historically well-known Swedish scientist Carl von Linné (1707-1778)? Recognized for his scientific design of modern biology and ecology. His description, categorization and systematization of flowers, forms the basis for our systematic scientific understanding of nature. He gave nature a scientific face and people a language to understand and classify nature. Are you also among those who know the historically, well-known German scientist Johan Wolfgang von Goethe (1749 - 1832)? Recognized as a poet, dramatist and natural scientist. Goethe deserves more than I can give you, in a short blog, but I keep him ahead of you for a reason. Goethe surrounds Europe's elite of philosophers, poets and scientists. He is appointed as Minister of the Duchy of Saxony-Weimar and becomes director of the Weimar Theater. Goethe eventually leaves his position in Weimar and travels to Italy. The break with Weimar is the breach of conformity and control. The meeting with Italy is the meeting with what I would call an expanded awareness - inspired by the Renaissance's rediscovery of Greek sculptural skills, inventions and  art of paintings. While staying in Italy, Goethe is amazed at the artists' color choices and their aesthetic assessments. Here, Goethe forms his color theory that breaks with Newton's mechanical (natural) analysis of the colors as a phenomenon. Unfortunately, I have to stop my short introduction of both Linnaeus and Goethe here. My point is to illuminate. What do I highlight? I highlight the encounter between natural science in its categorizing form (Linnaeus) and the spiritual science in its transforming form (Goethe). In the study of flowers, these two recognized scientists stood in each of their paradigms. Where Linnaeus was descriptive and classifying, Goethe was philosophical and transforming. On their own, these two scientists represent the recognition of the sensible, from two opposite but comparative perspectives. The Equilibrium The meeting point between natural science and spiritual science is the space where human consciousness can find its expanded form. Without being bound by the formalism of the senses and spoiled by the feelings of the phenomena futures humans will expand their world of understanding and continue their evolution. In my next blog I will outline my thoughts about a 5D awareness. Stay tuned. Jon

Future(s) appears always in plural and takes shape by disruptions. Man either put her/him self in charge of the evolution, or get disrupted. Through awakening and self-transformation, you ride the horse, not reverse.

The Western civilization's measuring and descriptive science is a result of a the development of the logically-analytical brain. An ancient and unknown civilization we hardly can see through remains of symbols, mythical texts and hidden knowledge, transformed to the great civilizations on Earth a wisdom that required a logical-analytical brain. This spiritual project started the ongoing evolution.

You can measure vital actions. While measuring vital actions you can feel the energy in motion. To know the Spirit behind, however, you need to extend your perceptions by passing through the Veil. Search and you’ll find.


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