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January 18, 2018 | Jon Mostad

I will write about resilience as a trait of being in a human body, in a perspective of futures.

In the coming week no 04-2018, my Instagram posts will reflect on resilience by being a human, meeting futures. I do the reflections through quotes and captions, linked to illustrative images. Feel free to follow me on

My first task is to understand the term.

Resilience is the ability to return to my original self, after being exposed to influences. A great ability. The effects can be physical, mental and somatic. In some part of me it is radical and in other parts, limited. I thank the creative universe for this ability to return to myself.

Nature has this amazing creative power to take back what has been taken from it. We can see the power unfolding after natural disasters such as earthquakes, flares and fires. Human intervention in nature, is also repaired when nature is given the opportunity to the whole self.

I would like to look a little closer to the ability to return to my original. Circumstances in my surroundings can move, squeeze, break, invade as infections and create mental imbalance, within me. My ability to return to my original self is defined as resilience. What about this original I do not desire and do not want to return to? What if the circumstances simply ran from my original I? I can go even further. What if the changes are spiritual in the way that they represent sources that provide for necessary shifts in my life? How should I meet such challenges within a traditional understanding of the meaning of resilience?

Liquids, gas, coal and minerals can alter molecular structures under pressure and heat. They can be transformed from coarser to finer compounds of matter. I see this as a form of resilience. An intelligent act is to change its molecular structure when the older is no longer appropriate. This is to go from a limited conviction to an expanded. Just what awakening is about.

The traditional performances of resilience lack a perspective. Often, I think resilience is explained and solved from perspectives derived from the logical-analytical thinking. What I mean? We use financial, technological, medical and psychological expertise to prevent and repair. All this knowledge is figuratively and processed from our left brain. What about our ideas, feelings and experiences? Everything that is processed in our right brain? When our phenomenological positions are exposed to pressure and tension? When our narratives no longer extend? When the development requires that we switch from a limited to an expanded consciously framework? When we will no longer return to our original interpretation framework?

Is there a form of resilience where my ability to transform my mind and occupy a new position when the pressure has ceased? Where can I find it?

By understanding love as the conscious universe-creating mathematics, by understanding the nature of the mind and the idea of ​​our inherent I, I see a meditative form of resilience. It bends in the storm and extends in silence. It survives to be broken, stretched and pressed. It survives the painful wound of the mind, and it creates the new thing about it all.

Futures that come will be driven by megatrends, which we can, to some extent, describe and understand. Despite the fact that we can create future scenarios, make choices of the desired future image and create strategies for what's coming, we'll be meditatively unprepared. We have an urgent need to develop our meditative resilience and it has to be transformative. One of the megatrends that creates new futures is immaterialization. Our ideas about products, works, togetherness, family structures and competences, move from material to an immaterial performances. From what is concrete to what is abstract.

The immaterial future must be met with a transforming mind, a new idea about ourselves and with an expanded consciously framework. The transition from an old matrix to a new and expanded, needs a new idea of resilience.

The path is utfolding when the pressure from the new is ceasing and the future has found its matrix. If I act like a tree in storm and show my resistance to oppose, I'll be torn over. Bow and be voulnerable, rise and live. This is the new resilience.


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