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December 14, 2017 | Jon Mostad

Relations for futures to come, what will that be?

In the coming week no 51, my Instagram posts will reflect on relationship. I do the reflections through quotes and captions, linked to illustrative images. Feel free to follow me on

I try to understand the concept of the human relationship. Yes, I know the term is about a connection between two or more. The connection sends dumb vibrating energy, thoughts, sounds and emotions. We love and hate through relations. Relationships are a phenomenon and a term most people have a relation to.

Anyway, I'm not done with what I see, so far.

I have studied and formed a picture of man as a universe in the universe. Two people are never the same. We are designed by DNA, sensational experiences and social learning. When two people interact, interaction occurs through relations between the two. The relationship with another person has at least seven levels. One level for each chakra. I can send my messages from at least seven spiritual levels. The ancient Egyptians knew nine. Each level codes its intention. Messages I send consist of words bearing meaning. Words like opinion carriers are not the same for me as for you. In addition, I pack the words into intentional spiritual vibrations attached to the chakra that send the message.

If you understand my message, a miracle has appeared.

I try to convey the complexity of relations to my students. The few think that we communicate in relations from spiritual levels. The relationship between two is usually one, we think. Here is the big surprise and the big mistake. A blocked Root-chakra sends its limited vibration to a recipient who may accept the message by a well-developed Solar-plexus chakra. Existential uncertainty meets with intellectual analysis - this has to went wrong.

Communication in relations from part-consciousness that is not matched, has a major challenge.

The technological development will make the image more complicated. We have under development and implementation artificial intelligence. We will also develop artificial emotional intelligence. Humanoids will become the parallel human being. The advanced future humanoids may also be programmed with energetic bodies that enable chakras? The humanoids will seem as spiritual beings. The humanoids will combine rational and emotional relations with immensely effectiveness.

How about relations and the futures of man in such a picture?

What will be humans position trapped in an interaction with humanoids in relations that are rational, programmed to aim their message toward our energetic centers of emotions and intellect? I think this picture is very interesting. How is this to say for the development of the term relationship? What challenges do we face if we are to develop our humanity in such a picture?

I see futures pictures.

It's not simple pictures, but they are opened to us. The challenge is whether we want to see it and meet it, or deny. Just because I'm looking forward I'm a futures optimist. By developing the concept of relations and transforming the content of the term, we can develop our consciousness and still consist as humanity.

How? I will return to this topic in a coming blog. We still have some time but not very much.


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