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  • Ulf Kurkiewicz


Many of us are living our lives in the fast lane. Our calendars are full of meetings, both from work but also from our private lives. We are always, or nearly, online with....

.....interactions from phones, computers, and other devices.

Interacting with each other via different social media platforms. All this made possible by the technological evolution. More is to come as our devices and interaction platforms are gathering more and more information about each and every one of us. Taylor-made information pushing for our attention. It is all getting faster and faster, change is the new constant and no stop or wait a second button to see anywhere.

Many of us feel stressed with no relief from the constant noise. Some of us even getting ill or depressed by the never stopping jangle. This is all spreading through the population. Is there any liberation available or is medicals and drugs the only way out?

Maybe the solution is not so very far away, with no or low cost without any, or few, side effects. A solution well known by our ancestors and by indigenous cultures that still respect and rely on nature spirits to guide them. We have disconnected our selves from nature into a level that we do not even reflect over it anymore.

The knowledge of that a deep connection with nature gives both relief and possibility to heal both mentally and physically has been known and accepted for indigenous people for centuries. But most of us have been disconnected to this knowledge for a long period of time. Today, modern, science seems to catch up and accept that nature and spending time in nature and natural environment actually have this effect. New knowledge and new technology makes it possible to measure things that we could not do before. Maybe we will find out that all we actually need already is there, but not yet visible for most of us. More studies and research will be needed but the trail is visible, even for the deniers.

Simple steps can lead to great improvement of wellbeing and health. Urban Gardening is one example that has several different positive impacts on that matter. Working with plants and being outdoor triggers both illness prevention and healing responses. Cultivation activities is a great trigger to reach both. Working with your hands in the soil, handling seeds, plants connects you with the earth itself.

People who spent 40 minutes walking in a cedar forest had lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which is involved in blood pressure and immune-system function. We know that trees and plants emit aromatic compounds called phytoncides that, when inhaled, can spur healthy biological changes.

Science has discovered that people who walk through or stay overnight in forests, often exhibit changes in the blood that are associated with protection against cancer, better immunity and lower blood pressure.

Looking at a stunning waterfall or undulating countryside, can also elicit feelings of awe that bring a number of health benefits. One study found that people who spent 60 seconds looking up at towering trees were more likely to report feeling awe, after which they were more likely to help a stranger.

One expert said “Experiences of awe attune people to things larger than themselves,”. Awe seems to cause individuals to feel less entitled, less selfish, and to behave in more generous and helping ways.

Another expert frased it ”The pathway to a better connection between man and nature still has to be explored further but one things is clear. It is not about reading or studying that gives best effect, it is by actually move yourself out into nature.”

He also said; ”It is by having an identified contact, emotion, meaning, compassion and engagement with natural beauty as pathways that helped people to feel closer to nature”.

Be aware of the moment you are connected with nature, regardless of if you are gardening for your self or in a group, taking a walk in the forest or in any other natural surrounding. Take the opportunity to let go of all the ordinary noise. You actually have a choice.

Connecting or reconnecting with nature can also help you to increase your resilience, your ability to face some kind of crisis and come out even stronger after it is over. Both quantitative and qualitative research show that there are a positive connection between peoples relation to nature and individual psychological resilience.

Taking the opportunity to reflect over your self, your knowledge of your self or just creating inner peace when being in a garden, in the forest or another natural environment can help you to meet destructive feelings.

So if this is evident, even from a scientific point of view, why don’t we just get things started. Take a walk in a park, in a forest or in a garden? Maybe we have made it hard for people living in urban areas by densifying the living area removing parks and trees?

Or is the real challenge getting more people involved, despite all the knowledge we have concerning the very real benefits of nature?

I would say that it comes down to awareness and consciousness. People need to be aware of their current situation. Take a short break from the constant jangle and take a look in the mirror, Is this what is meant with my life? Without stopping for a very short reflection it is hard to make any conscious decision of how to get even the smallest relief.

Forerunners that already made the conscious decision to reconnect with nature need to inspire people to actually be aware of the possible solutions waiting for them. By inspiring people, without condemning, to involve in gardening, visit nature or just looking at nature on a movie, with a friendly nudge might be the thing needed. The gain is so big and the cost of starting is so low. Be conscious! Ulf

The beauty of nature is to find everywhere, you just have to stop and look, smell, feel or listen. There is always something beautiful to experience in nature that touch a string deep inside you. It gives you joy and establish a connection between you.

Embrace a tree and just take a still moment to take in the smell or take a look up along the trunk and enjoy the view. Soon you will be able to feel the interaction between the two of you. Actually you are made of the same stuff so you share a lot even if you cannot communicate in your normal way.

In some aspects the wisdom from our ancestors is shared with us. The connection between them and nature was crucial for their survival. They gathered knowledge about the grand healing power hidden in plants and nature as such. Reverence for all living was part of their view of the world..


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