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April5, 2019 | Jon Mostad

"Awakening is not about cognition - it’s about reconciliation with leaving your ego" (@mostadjon)

I love words. Throughout my life, I have often been criticized for being in love with words. I have never properly understood the criticism and I have had great difficulty in abeyance. What is it about my choice of words, the composition of sentences, and the performance either mutually or in writing, which causes displeasure to some? I actually do not know. In this blog, I shall not spend much time reflecting on the issue in my life. I felt just so happy to sit down and write my thoughts on the word "reconciliation".

Every Friday CET (Central European Time) PM 0700, I post my text over the week's chosen theme. In the year 2019 I make weekly and selected reflections on quotes I have written in the year 2017 and 2018. In an attempt to create my life bigger and perhaps at the same time be in service for some others, I reflect on the construction of a new self-awareness and expanded consciousness . New self-awareness and expanded awareness are a critical challenge for humans in the face of an dramatically expanding artificial intelligence that will surpass the human at most levels.

The gate to a new self-awareness and expanded consciousness opens through the spiritual senses. Humans should learn to know, apply, and expand their spiritual senses, thus creating a spiritual self-awareness and consciousness. The artificial intelligence is thousands at times more intelligent than the human and the comparison will not be in favor of humans. On the other hand, Man is conscious, and the artificial intelligence will never be near being animated with spirit. People should understand this. In this shift I place myself as a writer and teacher.

My weekly texts are deepened through micro-poetry in the form of quotes and captions that you find on Instagram as @mostadjon. Feel free to subscribe to my blog and follow me on Instagram.

Some words about the word

I started by saying I love words. Let's taste the word "reconciliation". I find that the word has its synonyms in, for example, "reuniting", "balancing» and «peace». Beautiful words with strong meaning. In this way, I can walk from word to word and extend the meaning and coherence of the words. I make my reflections on "reconciliation" and see that the word points to both "reuniting", "balancing" and "peace", and these words point to "reconcilliation". In this way, the words create a net-work of understanding, context and symbolic coherence. My glossary tells me that "reconciliation" means "the action of making one view or belief compatible with another". This fits so well with the reflection that follows.

I am constantly strengthened with my idea that words are beings; energies that move and shape what they interact with.

Meeting with the future - part 1

"Awakening is not about cognition". You who have read my blogs and know a little about my texts know that I am concerned about human mission on earth as incarnate souls. Every human being is a unique soul with a unique mission. In an era of accelerating and complex technological development, I also write about a future for the people in the face of artificial intelligence. An intelligence that, in its capacity to remember, connect and operate logical contexts, surpasses the human.

In order to master a future in which all-encompassing artificial intelligence manages most mechanical and logical tasks in everyday and science, humans should actively participate in the evolution of their consciousness. By expanding their consciousness, humans will still be able to rule an expanding artificial intelligence and, with greater force, be able to solve their spiritual tasks on earth and in the cosmos.


The key to an expanded awareness, as the ideas come to me, happens through «awakening» and the process is about something far more than «thinking» about an extended future for itself. Man does not come to «awakening» through a mental process alone. The physical senses and the body's nervous system are perfectly adapted to a 3D world, based on the understanding of length, width and height. Humans senses operate the challenges of a physical and mechanical world, brilliant. The challenge people face today is that this world changes radically. The 3D explanatory model does not provide attractive answers to human challenges.

It is in such a perspective that I make my reflections on «awakening» as a portal for the construction of new self-awareness and expanded awareness. «Awakening» is the very process of waking up from «sleep» as well as being opened to the spiritual opportunity to become the great edition of yourself. This awakening, which is a comprehensive and spiritually challenging process, does not take place through a logical-analytical mental process, it is accomplished by awakening and sensing a 4D and 5D world of human senses. The reviewer moves from a 3D understanding of reality to a 4D and 5D. These worlds are difficult to explain because they are to be experienced in the process. It is the sensation of a 4D and 5D reality that represents the consciousness we can say belongs to the world of phenomenon and art. Here lies the opportunity for man to continue to rule over artificial intelligence and to intensify his spiritual mission as a soul on Earth.

Meeting with the future - part 2

"Reconciliation with leaving your ego" completes my quote. The road to the construction of new self-awareness and expanded consciousness is about seeing new realities. The 3D human world will be housed by a larger world. Access to the larger worlds goes through the opening of the phenomenological (spiritual) senses. The access to this larger world is blocked by the physical senses, socially conditioned patterns and a deterministic view of science (seeing the world as a machine).

To help maneuver in a physical world determined by a mechanical epistemology, humans have developed an unsurpassed GPS, we call it ego. Humans maneuver through their lives controlled by physical senses, socially constructed experiences and a materialistic world vies. Leaving a 3D explanation of reality is a great piece of work.

Ego watches over life, determines direction and content. Ego acts «on behalf of» life and gives the soul little opportunity to seek out its spiritual purpose. This is a topic that fills a lot of my work. People can accommodate a technological development and an artificial intelligence by expanding their consciousness. This should happen through a "bypass" of the ego.

Ego is constructed of instincts, senses, experiences and environmentally expectations, and operates as mental beliefs in combination with control of the will. Look at this as a picture from my side.

The path towards an expanded consciousness

The way to an expanded consciousness is known to the few. Those who walk the road cannot ask their established mental notions, they are experience-based and are therefore historical. The path to an expanded consciousness exists in an unknown time-space. Moreover, ego watches over this type of question and would interfere with powerful objections.

The key is to find in meditations that open the spiritual senses and a practice where you train your intuition. To get there, you will find roads bypassing the ego. The roads exist and in my program "Dawn" (search the blog for texts that deal with the theme), I draw a dedication path you can follow.

The key to the expanded consciousness is about understanding oneself as being constructed for a 3D world, then making the journey that leads to a 5D world. The journey takes you through reconciliation with your ego.

Feel free to ask me for help to find your way.


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