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February 1, 2019 | Jon Mostad

If you are considering traveling with friends travel with those three - Purity, Clarity and Integrity

In my picture, life is a journey. Humans are individualized souls and even an individualized soul that has already traveled far. The journey does not stop there. It continues. Individualized souls will still travel long before they can expect to settle down in their enlightenment.

If you follow me on such an idea of ​​life as a journey, this text may be valuable to you?

I blog weekly and post my texts every Friday 07:00 PM CET (Central European Time). The theme of the week is deepened through Quotes and Captions on Instagram @mostadjon.

I reflect and write to develop myself. Dalai Lama says in his book "Advice on dying" that I better go to "get a bigger life". Eventually I understood what he meant. It's about being in development in this life, so the next life gets greater. Such an idea gives me great meaning. If you or others think my texts are worth reflection, I will be happy. Feel free to read and comment. I learn from having both acceptance and denial.

Let's go to the theme.

Purity, Clarity and Integrity

What if life is a journey? An infinite movement from star dust through all experiences in the realm of minerals, the realm of flowers and the realm of animals, up to the realm of the humans as individualized souls? I would think that only those specially interested share such an abstract performance with me. Most people say "thank you and goodbye" and then they'll leave my text. The few will read more than these lines. Thus you tell a story about yourself that is well worth listening to, as you have not yet said "thank you and goodbye."

Humans live their lives as best they can. It doesn't matter If humans are conscious of their choices or not, all actions are based on patterns that are created by abstract beliefs. The few are conscious of their abstract beliefs. A soul must have been through many lives in order to abstract its actions through patterns and beyond to the abstract beliefs. This path is the essence of the life trip itself, which goes through life after life. Finally you arrive where you are able to abstract your actions as expressions of values. Then you can abstract from your actions, understand your patterns and methods, and contemplate on your spiritual beliefs. You can also peer down from your spiritual beliefs, align your patterns and methods, and look into your chosen practical actions. As above, so below.

I call this form of objectivity of yourself, for ethical reflection. Are you among those who reflect ethically about your own actions or spiritual beliefs? I think the few do it, for where will they learn such a reflection? What I try to describe is the aesthetically dimension with being a human. If you add the three following characteristics you are taken further.


For many years, "I took myself for granted". You might think that such a statement sounds strange? I agree with you. Such a statement is really strange. For many years I did not ask questions about "who I am". This changed when I became aware that the ancient Egyptian scientific culture under the Pharaohs, known the existence of 9 natural forces that characterized the human way of being in a physical body. The Egyptians knew that human souls plunged into 9 physical forms and the first form that initiates the other 8 is the form that is considered the portal of the Source of Creation and is therefore the indivisible form. Through the portal of the 1st Force of Nature, the Source of Creation flows and initiates the 8 other forces.

First of all, when you as a soul travel in a human body, you must travel with Purity. One of its strengths is humility. All nature travels like a soulful domain using Purity as a form.


For many years, I thought that «I was my mind». This is perhaps another strange statement, yes - we have two strange statements on the table now. I thought my thoughts were «me.» I had many thoughts and several of them seemed in fact not so stupid. This changed when I understood the relationship between soul and ego. When the relationship between soul and ego became clear to me, I gained access to looking at myself from an expanded perspective. I was not «one» but I was «two» and that my life trip had to become the one «I was supposed to be». Again, the Egyptians wisdom about the 9 Forces of Nature helped me. The 5th Force of Nature is the brain's ability to balance the two hemispheres so that Man sees the world with «one» brain in Clarity.

When you as a soul travel in a human body, as you do, you should travel with the Clarity of your mind. Once your mind is united, you have a balance between the world of phenomena and analysis and you see the world as one.


For many years, I saw the human persona as the human being it self. That is, I never looked behind their outer patterns to see if behind a facade I could find a human soul trying to tell me anything but what I perceived. This changed when I realized that we are souls who have human experiences and not the other way around. The ancient Egyptian science knew the 3rd Force of Nature that humans can activate to look beyond the outside of the other and thus communicate with the soul within. I got a great gift when I learned to activate my ability to read the other as a soul.

When you as a soul travel in a human body, as you do, you will eventually travel with Integrity in your chest. Once you have collected Purity and Clarity as an intent in your heart, Integrity is expressed in your encounter with others.

The Journey

If you meet others along your path of life with Purity, Clarity and Integrity, you create peace. I think you're rewarded highly by the Universe when this happens - not least, "you get a bigger life." Isn't that something?

All my best to you


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