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May 16, 2018 | Jon Mostad

Should you travel for an enduring journey, travel with the right followers, travel with the three modalities Purity, Clarity and Integrity.

In the coming week no 21-2018, my Instagram posts will reflect on «Purity». The first text of a trinity. I do the reflections through quotes and captions, linked to illustrative images. Feel free to follow me on

I like the notion of life as a journey. The great stories about life as a series of reincarnations is also a picture of life I appreciate. The thought gives me meaning. To me the eternal universe and eternal life, is a beautiful story. Before the awaiting reincarnation, the journey of life will be prepared. For every life we ​​are going to fill, the purpose is overall the same. We will educate ourselves as a soul, do light work on Earth and bring the experiences back to the Spirit.

If you make a travel, I think the pleasure is greater if you are traveling with friends. In community with good friends you can share experiences, venture bigger challenges and enjoy the explanatory experiences. Of course I see traveling where you should be alone, so absolutely. However, the journey of life is not like ordinary travels. It is spiritual. You never travel alone through your spiritual life, although you can feel lonely. You are followed, supported and challenged by forces you not necessarily are aware.

The journey of life is not different to other journeys, it is normally much longer for most of us. Even when you are followed by your invisible helpers, you should choose your preferred travel partner. With care I suggest Purity.

Purity is the friend that helps you meet yourself and your surroundings emptied of preconceptions and sensory convictions. Purity helps you meet life with emptiness as form. When you meet others free of prejudices, you are one with yourself and your surroundings. No separation will affect the meeting. Self-understanding and relationship meetings with emptiness as form give everyone the opportunity to create access to the other. I see Purity as the gateway to the future consciousness and future relationships.

When Purity can be synonymous with emptiness as a form, how to achieve Purity?

Several roads lead to Purity. For my part, I follow two. One is transcendental mantrameditation and the other is communication in energies. The mantra meditation can best be explained as a cleansing of the body at a sub-atomic level. A mental sound word that swims around the body and makes metaphysically clean. A kind of inner cleansing. Communication in energies begins with the recognition that the physical body also has an energetic body, a spiritual body. From this energetic perspective, the body learns, what we should know about Purity in understanding ourselves and our surroundings. Mantra meditation and energy communication make the manifestation of the body's inherent spirituality in the outer space possible. From there we can transform consciousness and create qualitatively new relationship meetings.

Everything created and alive is moving. From the most abstract thought to the most physically manifested rock, everything is a dance of particles and waves. All creation is the manifestation of the IMAGE - the particle. Through the MOVEMENT - the wave, it find its shape. Creation is Imagination and Movement. The fusion of the particle and the wave is taking place in Sri Chakra, the gateway to the creative source.

The Universe is both particles and waves. The Universe is a dancing process and the process creates consciousness, the image and the movement. Thus, the Universe can be understood metaphysically and allegorically.

When I open to Purity, letting Purity flow into my body from an opened throut chakra, I feel like in a cool bath. The body helps the mind pass the imagination, helping the feelings to ignore the wounds and the heart to open up.

From our physically internal recognized purity, our Inherent I, we can meet each other the way we are - free of pretenses. From recognition of purity we can move on to recognition of clarity, which will be my next blog.

With the triad PURITY, CLARITY and INTEGRITY we can construct awareness and relationships for future times. We can make ourselves ready for a new evolutionary step as human beings.


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