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  • Jon Frang Mostad


Most people seek balance in their lives. Understandably. Imbalance often feels like a struggle. If our lives get out of balance, we want to compensate. Few people seem to know that life as a creative process is based on imbalance and that the secret....... hidden in mathematics.

In this month's PREMIUM article, I will highlight the Universe's creative starting point, a starting point that is out of balance. I will show you how imbalance is the prerequisite for beauty. I have a big challenge as I am not a mathematician, architect or painter.

I ask you to take an extra good look at the article's main picture, a painting of a bridal procession in a Norwegian fjord, Hardangerfjord, painted in 1849. The painting is a national treasure for the Norwegians and hangs in The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, in Oslo , Norway.

Most people will probably agree with me that this is a beautiful picture, despite the fact that the picture is built on the basis of imbalance and should disturb both the eye and the mind. Why not? I will answer you by taking a big step back in time.

We shall visit the ancient Egyptians.

The ancient Egyptians were handed down an epistemology (science-based insight) which, through a few hundred years of development, created a cosmology (knowledge of the universe) presented in monumental building structures, such as pyramids, temples and statues.

What did the ancient Egyptians know that we do not know today? Hide this epistemology keys to the future path of Man? Is this metaphysical science hidden in the Egyptian hieroglyphs, pyramids, temples, statues - that is, in their mathematics? I do believe so.

The French Egyptologist, mathematician and mystic, René Adolphe Schwaller de Lubicz, analyzed and conveyed hidden and forgotten insights into Egyptian sacred mathematics. You can read more about Schwaller de Lubicz by searching for information about his great work "Temple of Man". Within the framework of this article, I can not delve further into the sacred mathematics of the Egyptians. I must confine myself to reloading you with the question 'Where did the Egyptians get this knowledge from?'.

Despite my limitations you shall not be left to yourself in the middle of the article, so I make a leap into the Egyptians' notions of how the world was created - it was created through a 'mathematical point' - a point out of balance, called the golden ratio.

In a little while I'll get there.

In an early stage of their civilization, the scientific Egyptian priests worshiped a composite group of 'gods', which we today call the Ogdoand, a group consisting of eight 'gods'. These eight 'gods' were forces of nature that manifested themselves as constitutions of the creative process. Remember that the 'religion' of the Egyptians was a science of nature and not a belief in God as an entity that humans no a-days practice as their faith. Gods were not religious entities, but metaphysical and physical natural phenomena that were conveyed in an abstract and symbolic language.

Ancient Egyptian cosmology explains the pre-creation of the world as a primeval ocean. The sea was ubiquitous, infinite, without boundaries and direction. The abyss had no surface, no bottom, nothing was up and nothing was down, only an endless dark depth. In the primeval sea reigned ONE - the incomprehensible, the ONE who cannot be continued, the ONE who does not have a name and the ONE who cannot be depicted. I am talking about the ONE as the transcendent creative force that entered matter as permanence - as Universe. I will come to this point but first introduce you to two ancient Egyptian metropolises of great scientific significance.


The ancient Egyptians established metropolises for the development and worship of their scientific-religious notions of the creative process and the cosmos. Hermopolis is one of these metropolises and was an ancient provincial capital on the border between Lower and Upper Egypt. Hermopolis (Greek) was the name of the ancient Egyptian Khemenu which means eight cities. The meaning is derived from the 'god group' Ogdoand. These eight 'deities' existed before the creation of the universe and were contained in the primordial ocean.


The ancient Egyptians worshiped the sun as 'god' and the name was Ra. Heliopolis is connected to the cosmological narrative of where ONE creates itself in a presens - the Universe. The ancient Egyptians explained that the creator god Atum took the step out of the primeval ocean and into the physical 3D matter.

Heliopolis reveals the ultimate mystery of 'not' being 'and' being '. Atum rises from the primeval ocean and is all the eight gods assembled, all what is needed to create a physical universe. With ONE and the other eight ‘gods’ as forces of nature based on ONE, we have explained the cosmology of ancient Egyptians about the 9 laws of nature that underlie the Universe as a living and conscious cosmos.

But what does this have to do with a bridal procession in a Norwegian fjord in 1848? Imbalance, imbalance as a basis for beauty, my friend. Follow me.

The ancient Egyptians understood the creation of the Universe as an action initiated by ONE - the transcendent being or deity if you will, the being and deity humans have no knowledge of. This ONE created itself in its image and the image is the manifested 3D universe our solar system is part of. Therefore, the old religious saying that 'God is within us' has an explanation. The one who seeks God must seek within.

ONE took the step out of the primeval sea in the form of a creative force that the Egyptians named Atum. This creative force was both ONE and the additional eight constitutional 'gods' - that is, laws of nature, which were needed to create a universe. Let me say a little about the first three laws of nature, before I get to the point of the article.

The Law of the Trinity

All manifestation is based on The three forces:

A. Positive force (the active polarity)

B. Negative force (the passive polarity)

C. Neutralizing power (the neutralizing power)

All three forces are equally active and their effect on each other (positive, negative, neutralizing) is about intersecting connections. They assume the forms in relation to each other and only at a given time.

A and B can be understood to a certain extent and be perceived, but C is only occasionally observable where the forces find their collective expression - in what we can call the result. I often name the C as a mediating force, the connecting force.

Let us transfer this to an example where we choose to work with ourselves to expand our consciousness:

Our initiative will be A. The positive force (the active polarity). The inertia of the implementation will be B. The negative force (the passive polarity).

These two forces will either balance each other or one will surpass the other even if at the same time it will not be strong enough to create further development in the initiative. In this way, the two forces will orbit each other with the result that one will absorb the other and produce zero as a result.

This can actually be a picture of life as a whole, we do not create development because life ‘demands’ to stop the initiative. This is how life will continue until the third force enters the process, often as a result of new insights / knowledge that prove beneficial to the direction of the process.

The third force is the force which makes it possible to overcome the inertia of the creative process and which causes the process to get on the trail of its intended direction.

All manifestation of all kinds of phenomena, requires the interaction of the three forces. If one of the forces fails, the initiative falls back to zero - to the starting point and remains an idea.

This understanding of the Three Forces is embodied in the great religious and mythical tales and is often referred to as the Trinity. This insight was owned by the ancient Egyptians and this is the story of the primeval sea and the creator god Atum as the 'god' emerges from the primeval sea.

I can possibly make the presentation more understandable by saying that ONE represents the term IMAGE. The transcendental creative force made an IMAGE of itself and used this as a basis for what was to come. Then ONE initiated what I call the MOVEMENT which is the polarizing force of physical matter. These two forces where connected by the mediating third force. The result was CONSCIOUSNESS.

The Trinity was a fact.

ONE became TWO by what is called 'the existential division' and is given the name 'the golden ratio'. The golden ratio arises from the mathematical term ‘phiʼ which is an irrational number with the value 1.618034. We find ‘phiʼ in the proportions of the

human body, in nature, in architecture, in art, etc.

Dawn - the irrational point of where ONE entered the matter

The Golden ratio.

The figure shows how a line, a, can be divided in the golden ratio.

a forms one catheter in a right-angled triangle where the other catheter is a / 2. This length is also deposited on the hypotenuse. The rest of the hypotenuse then constitutes x of a.

a – x then relates to x as x to a.

To the ancient Egyptians, the 'existential division' was their only inexplicable and inevitable mythological phenomenon. How ONE could become TWO by an irrational division of ONE could not be explained. By leaving the harmonic

the state of ONE in a ‘skewnessʼ (1.618034) - that is, by going out into ‘chaosʼ, beauty arose.

That is, the creative process presupposes chaos.

The transcendent force rises out of the primeval ocean and into matter at ‘the golden ratio'. Atum is manifested by the irrational ‘phiʼ. ONE as the absolute and non-polar energy, objectified itself by creating a polarized energy. ONE became TWO, but TWO is not ONE plus ONE. Metaphysically, TO cannot be the sum of ONE plus ONE, since ONE metaphysically exists only as one. ONE is EVERYTHING and therefore cannot become TWO by multiplying itself, only by dividing itself byʼphiʼ.

Difficult? Yes, that was also the case with the ancient Egyptians. They understand how to use the mystery, but they could not explain it.

Some comments in depth

Polarity is fundamental in all phenomena.

The golden ratio expresses the clarity

Egyptian myths describe this fundamental opposition in the endless conflict between Seth and Horus, where Seth is the god of chaos and Horus is the god of health. It is thus in the meeting between chaos and health that the creative process manifests itself. The primordial irrational division triggers demands for a correspondence and in this way matter moves in its evolution. Our modern science of nature is conscious about polarity as a fundamental phenomenon, without recognizing the transcendent character and significance of polarity.

In an esoteric language we can say that energy is the measurable expression of the spirit's revolt against being trapped in matter.

Our modern scientific language cannot express that way of thinking, but the mythical language of the Egyptians could. The god Ptah, the creator of all forms, is depicted as trapped in the form of being wrapped in cloth. Could this also be a picture of how the human consciousness is trapped in a 3D understanding of reality and that the purpose of expanding its consciousness is to free itself from the ‘matter'?

Polarity is fundamental in all phenomena, without exception, but it changes expression determined by the situation.

Our language expresses this. We use different linguistic expressions for polarity, depending on the situation we are going to describe: negative / positive, active / passive, male / female, initiating / resting, expressive / denying, yes / no, true / false, etc. The word pairs are all expressions of polarity in different phenomena / forms. This form of clarity in the use of terms obscures the cosmic meaning. The myths avoid this, they give clear explanations.

See TWO in relation to itself and you look into the primordial (that is, fundamental / divine) state of tension. TWO is a hypothetical state of perpetually uncoordinated and unforgiving opposition. In physical reality, this state is redeemed. If TWO were locked in a hypothetical state of 'unforgiving opposition', nothing would happen and the universe could not exist.

By becoming TWO, ONE also became THREE, because polarity can only consist of an opposite, negative must have plus, otherwise no negative polarity and vice versa. TWO is bound to unity and thus TWO is contained in unity / whole by the simultaneous establishment of THREE which represents the 'reconciliation' - ie the relation. This 'three-in-one' principle is represented in the Trinity and expressed in Christianity as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Dear - if you find this material difficult to comprehend then comfort yourself with the fact that the ancient Egyptians as the great scientific culture they were, did not them selves understood the scope of the irrational phi and therefore not this article author either.

My hope, however, is that even though we do not understand metaphysics, we can sense the beauty of chaos.

Well done my friend!


The transcendent creative force penetrates into the fabric of matter by the irrational and inexplicable golden ratio. What does the transcendent force know that is not obvious to humans? Imbalance is the input value for a universe in balance. Should the positive and negative polarity dance until it finds love in the meeting with each other and creates the consciousness - the child of the two?

I have long wondered about humans.

They strive for life in balance and do not know

that they are thus locking themselves inside the substance's inherently slow form. If humans are to succeed in pushing a spaceship from the planet Mars back to planet Earth, the rocket engines need to be supplied with oxygen. The oxygen must be produced on Mars.

The picture is obvious to me. Man himself must

create the conditions for breaking through the

inertia of matter.

Humans believe in their thoughts. There, they are completely wrong. You expand no way through your thoughts. It's just a side-by-side helper. You need the help of your abstract and symbolic notions of the mysteries. You are filled with hieroglyphs that carry the message of your extended life. These hieroglyphs are waiting for you to call on them.


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