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  • Jarle Berghammer


I asked my youngest child “Where is heaven?”. She pointed towards the blue sky and said “That´s heaven”. Many times children draw the heaven or a sky as a thin blue line at the top of the paper. A clear boundary.

But the time has come to evolve our thoughts and views of these boundaries in a collected Universe. What if there are no boundaries? I start off this article with one question that points in direction of some new perspectives;

Where does the fabric of your body and brain stop, and the space continue?

Humans and all other matter in the universe is built with the same building blocks. Through the history, starting with the Greeks finding of the atom, we have developed our knowledge about of what matter consist of, time after time. Today the quantum physicists point towards points of vibration energies. All of matter, all of space and hence the cosmos at large consists of vortex fluctuations at the smallest level known so far. 

In school we were taught that space was empty, and it really looks that way to the naked eye, but what if that is just one perspective. What if we can say the FULLNESS of space instead? With our new knowledge we know that space is full of energy fluctuations. Viewing space or Cosmos in this way can lead to a lot of changes, and give the possibility to create a paradigm shift in the Futures of Man. My colleague Jon Mostad raises the question about human’s ability to communicate through the vastness of space in his September article. The latest research actually describes how this can be possible, but now in a new context.

Let us imagine that the same universal rules and basic structures is applicable from the tiniest to the largest things in the universe. Fresh knowledge shows that it is likely that all of the matter, all of space and even to the black holes, have common structures. The scale is very different and also the way it affects space-time, but the principle governing is the same. If the same physics applies across all scales in the Universe, we are now much closer to finding the unifying theory of everything.

In fact, new understanding points to that particles are in fact very small black holes, or said in another way, small vortices of space-time. The huge black holes with the gravity and the mass of many suns have the same properties as what the quantum physicists are describing for the very small. The whole cosmos is fluctuating and spinning in a vortex-like-structure from the very smallest and all the way to the size of black holes and galaxies.

Moving further on this view, the pure spinning of energies and their fluctuations are what create mass and thereby matter as we know it. This is happening at all the different scales in the universe. Warping space-time is creating the different objects of different mass and sizes that exist in this Universe.

In this relatively new view, the quantum fluctuations are tiny oscillations and the true building blocks of the universe. In this view the whole universe is a vortex of space-time at different scales. These oscillations may also be the carrier of what can be called Quantum information piercing all of space and time.

If we use the FULLNESS view of space things would look quite different and it even brings back the Ether into the equation, it might be the medium in which communication through the fabric of space is possible. This fullness of space and the possibility of a conscious universe down to the quantum level, is really a big shift in our understanding. This new understanding and the newest equations also points in the direction of a continuous information flow through fluctuations at this energy level. Scientist describe this as a never-ending feedback-loop throughout all of space.

“Space is not empty. It is full….The universe is not separate from this cosmic sea of energy”

- David Bohm

“Physical objects are not in space, but these objects are spatially extended. In this way the concept of space loses its meaning”

- Albert Einstein

These findings mean that all matter including Man, and all other living things of The Earth consist of different elements from the whole. We are manifestations of the same energies evolved over eons of time. We are just one of many manifestations of the fullness of space.

We are actually and literary swimming in the vast ocean of energy-space-time. The humans are also energy beings, not separated from our environment – the universe, we are all made of the same fabric.

To be a Human being is quite complex, very beautiful and a little mind-boggling. To think and reflect about our existence like described by the scientists is beautiful, and maybe a little frightening.

Knowing that space, in its vastness, contains enormous amount of energy will create new opportunities. We should be able to harness the abundant amount of energies of the fullness of space. Experiments in this area has already been conducted.

If we succeed in the endeavor - the cars, cellular phones and all devices could be self-sustained with energy. We don’t need the batteries that now harm the environment. We no longer need the burning of fossil fuels for heat and in vehicles. We would no longer need fusion or fission reactors for electricity. This would truly be a most needed paradigm-shift for humanity towards a sustainable Future of Man on this beautiful Earth.

To understand and take advantage of this energy may also eventually enable us to travel to the stars. All the energy is already there!

Stay tuned with FoM

Jarle Berghammer

The enormous black hole and the Liliputian one are just manifestations of different scale. If you jump into the big maybe you transforms to the tiny one.

IEverything is connected and has a dependence to each other. Our communication spans through our complete being and connects us to all other beings. Most forms yet to be discovered.

We are all made of the same stuff and therefore have a common source. The ones most developed have the responsibility to care about all others. To help and guide the right to thrive for everything.


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