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June 22, 2018 | Jon Mostad

The second of three complex megatrends I relate to in my construction of «Futures of Man», is Polarization. In my blog text of week 25 - 2018 I gave a presentation of the megatrend Immaterialization. In my following text of week 27 I will reflect upon «Acceleration and complexity».

«Futures of Man» is a construction I do, to accommodate my ideas about the development of awareness and mind. «Futures of Man» is an evolutionary oasis; a meeting place for ideas, texts, illustrations, videos, events, teachings and a gallery.

Blogtexts, Facebook posts and microprocessing of poetry at Instagram will highlight the theme «Futures of Man». In the long term, you can order artwork of blog texts, Quotes, Captions, attend events and collect items initiated for the theme.

Feel free to follow my daily Quotes and Captions related to the weekly theme, on Instagram @mostadjon.

Now - let's go to the theme of this blog - what is Polarization?

Polarization as physics

Let me briefly comment on the term polarization as a physical phenomenon by using the light as a starting point. A light source sends its energy unconcentrated in all directions. We explain the light as unpolarized. When the light is broken or reflected, the light is polarized. This happens when the light hit for example. glass and water. Sunglasses with polarized glass remove the light reflections. In a way, we can say that polarized sunglasses cleanse the light for reflexes.

Polarization cleans, collects and focuses the light, I might say. Polarization makes the light "simpler", more "focused" and "penetrating". Here we also find the challenge for the future of man, hidden.

Polarization as megatrend

What is Polarization like megatrend? What is the connection between «simpler», more «focused» and "penetrating", and a community trend like Polarization?

Polarization drives people and processes in opposite directions. Values, religious beliefs, politics and way of life are becoming more polarized. That is, beliefs, views and focus on actions become «simpler» and more «focused». Polarization makes messages more easy, but at the same time it causes greater opposites and distances. The world of understanding is driven apart. Polarization stretches the differ between "me" and "them" and "me" as the primordial. In the same way as the Universe expands with a rate at which even the light does not come along, the distance between human understanding will increase likely.

Polarization and futures

Knowing that the universe expands at a rate faster than the light may seem intimidating. In the evolution of the Universe, the galaxies will no longer reach one another with their light. Should we reach travel from galaxy to galaxy at that time, we have to find connections that are faster than light. This perspective is so interfacing that I choose to reflect on it in a separate and later blog. In this text, I use the knowledge as a metaphor. Despite technological development and the dynamics of social media, people move from one another in opposite directions. This idea requires a focus on new forms of equations and communication in relationship.

Polarization and the act of karma

When human life orientations extend to different preferred values ​​and images and this development increases its speed, people travel in a way apart. The distance between our perceptions of the world increases while the need for proximity and community in solutions is an urging demand. As long as humanity's spiritual acts on Earth evolves and humans still are «trapped» in physical bodies in a heavy gravity, polarization will force an growing distraction. We seem to remove ourselves from each other while we are pulling one another. In such a contradiction we have three choices if we reflect through a perspective of karma. We can choose for ourselves as a focus, with short-term joy as gain and long-term pain as a loss. We can choose for others as a focus, with short-term pain as loss but with a long-term gain. We can unconsciously choose as a third perspective and got what we take by accident. This third choice is the unpolarized choice. Focusing on the best of the other, ceases karma.

Futures of Man

My idea is to illuminate polarization as a physical, mental, evolutionary and spiritual challenge for humans. By understanding the powers, opportunities and challenges of polarization, we can shrink over the challenges and create new opportunities for ourselves and humanity. Yes we can! The universe has given us just the powers we need to be our own evolution. People have to learn to understand each other as strangers and find forms of communication over values, ideas and experiences. Perhaps one of man's foremost skills will be the ability to understand and deal with inequalities?

We are cooperative in evolution of the intelligent Universe and have hidden in us the knowledge we need to transform ourselves into the future we choose to attract. In my previous blog (Immaterialization - Theme of Week 25 - 2018) I reflect on how man leaves the objective world of imagination to move into the intangible. I write about where our phenomenological brain, the right, is awakened to a new evolutionary move to more advanced abstractions. Already now you can connect Immaterialization with Polarization. What images are coming up?

«Futures of Man» is my concept of how I imagine the future of man. We are going to meet multiple futures and we will need to choose. Immaterialization and Polarization are two of the three major megatrends that create frameworks and futures. I will highlight the third major megatrend "Acceleration and complexity" as a theme in my blog to come - for week no 27 - 2018.

Stay tuned!


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