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April 28, 2018 | Jon Mostad

If I was an «expert» in love, I would write a text of patience in love, but unfortunately I am not an expert in love.

In the coming week no 17-2018, my Instagram posts will reflect on Patience in Love. I do the reflections through quotes and captions, linked to illustrative images. Feel free to follow me on

I try to live so I serve others. A life where I serve others is part of my dharma. From time to time I succeed. A life where I serve others is not always a simple life. I make many mistakes and then I have to return to start and made a new entry. Other times I feel like life it self helps me to come forward. In a life where I search to serve others, I seek an understanding of love that accommodates both myself and the other. I am seeking a state where I am ONE but TWO. When I am ONE but TWO, I am united. A love that unites must act on the proximity to the beauty of the creative process, prudence in the face of what is incomprehensible and wisdom in relationship.

Let me do some reflections.

What do I practice when I enter proximity to the beauty of the creative process? To me proximity is to act through non-action. Proximity is closeness, intimacy and inseparableness. When I stay in proximity I listen to words, hear nothing but receive deep meaning. Love is the mathematics of the self-defining and expanding Universe. Proximity to the beauty is to be ONE with its equations - being part of the universal consciousness as it is evolving. Proximity is the one of three keys to unlock your understanding of patience in love.

What do I practice when I enter prudence in the fact of what is incomprehensible? You are what is incomprehensible to me. By accepting you as incomprehensible I can have a glimpse of seeing you. You are the treasure and each time I meet you I meet you from the point of no assumptions. All my attachments regarding you, is left behind. Every meeting is a meeting from emptiness. You and I meet, we enter the form of ONE but TWO, no separation occurs. Prudence in the fact of what is incomprehensible is the second key of patience in love.

What do I practice when I enter wisdom in relationships? What is a relation? Relation is close connected to affinity and also ascension. Affinity is what you feel and recognize in meeting with another. It is like mirroring your self. Within the other you meet your self. Recognizing your self within another is deeply affirmative. It makes you feel valuable. Ascension is described as the action of rising to an important position or a higher level, in a spiritual meaning such as tuning into higher consciousness, expanding your light and opening your heart. Wisdom in relationship is to dare a deep connection and allow the light from the other to flow. You hold your number three key, to patience in love.

Patience in love is about absence of purpose.

No will, no intention, no goal. When I have left all purposes I have no presumptions, no attachments follow. I am in a sort of emptiness as form. I do not have an agenda. Nothing to achieve. The relationship and the content of the relationship, are on loan. I got a picture that tells. The picture of myself every time I stop and smell a flower. I never pick it, do not touch it, but lean to its fragrance before I thank and go on. Could this be a portrait of patience in love? A tacit agreement between the flower and me gives access to its scent. The prerequisite is that I do not touch it. That I respect it where it stands, yes, I do not even charge it with a compliment - before it even communicates «please do it».

I think patience in love is a language - a language of courting. My english is limited, but may be I am right when I see courting as an old-fashioned behaviour? This is not what modern people practice? If so, petty to us. Courting in a modern form is not about what a man exposes a woman to as in old days, but what both equally exposes each others to. Does this makes sense to you?

When time mature, words can work through wondering listening and switching of permissions to «get closer.» Patience in love is a forgotten art, a forgotten key and the actual portal of the inner cathedral of higher consciousness in relationships between everything that belongs to creation.


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