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  • Ulf Kurkiewicz


Mother Earth, or if you prefer the universe, is sending signals to mankind to make a stop. It signals; Humans, ”Take one step, or several, back and reflect on what is happening around us such as pandemic, drought, unsuspected storms and war raging the planet. Consider what we need to do to make the situation change.”

The environmental changes has been evident for a long period of time but the only thing we do, on a global level, is to have nice meetings and documents presented that no one is prepared to actually fulfill. The story repeats itself when we move closer and closer to the edge. In the meantime we see an increase in temperature all over the globe. The biggest changes in the areas where many of our glaciers and is shelfs reside.

Storms of a magnitude we have not experienced before. Rain storms that affects areas that usually had a more stable situation. Bringing the water calculated for 100 or 200 years floods. Lucky those who made preparations.

Heatwaves entering different countries with full impact, both countries used to high temperatures and countries not so used. Creating a great amount of difficulties for people and animals, as well as for farmers trying to grow crops in a hot climate without the usual rains.

We continue to cut down the rain Forests to grow things we can use for feeding animals or to grow crops we humans use in all kinds of food and stuff. No, or little, consideration for the impacted environment and impacted animals.

Different Pandemic diseases occur locally or globally. The Covid 19, a global one, did hit the world hard. Different vaccines produced at a high speed. The distribution followed old patterns. Distributed to the rich countries first, then the ones with less financial strength. The preparedness showed a great lack of foresight.

Covid has not left the scene when another Pandemic shows it face to the world. Monkeypox enters into the scene. No one knows how it will evolve and spread.

The latest brutal sign is the war that is ongoing in Ukraine. Russia has launched a ”military special operation” to denazify Ukraine and liberate the population. One big problem is that Ukraine is a sovereign democracy that does not need a liberation. Different dictators make their voice heard over the globe. This one hits Europe in the belly and suddenly we wake up and understand that democracy and liberty need to be defended. This goes for all wars. The freedom must be protected.

A very dark introduction perhaps, but still, this is how it looks for the time being. We just carry on towards the edge of the cliff. No one seem to care, even if there are many humans that do their very best to change the situation. But it is not very smart to put our hope to politicians with narrow mindset and narrow time span. Politicians that do not consider todays decisions impact seven generations away from now. To find the solution among the established society do not seem to be a good solution either, if we look a bit in the mirror.

Who shall take the signs as they are and not sweat them under the carpet so to speak? The answer is both simple and complicated at the same time. Actually it is you and me that can change the situation. The power of the individuals is a very strong force when put into coordinated action.

The starting point is to increase our awareness of how the situation actually are. Try to understand the impact from the different areas on us right now. How it will affect our daily lives. How it will impact the environment we live in, right here and now. Taking into consideration that the”tax payers” cannot help everyone. Taking into the consideration of how my actions impact the life of my children and their children lives.

What kind of environment will I leave to them coming after myself?

With increased awareness it is possible to create other narratives that give yourself a good life to live. Maybe, or most likely, a bit different from how we live today, but a life of higher quality where we take the ones around us, as well as the nature, in consideration before we take action.

With a new and expanded awareness we can put forward real demands to our politicians and remove the ones that will not adapt to the new situation using the power we have. Demanding politicians and other leaders to be transparent with their agendas, incomes and other vital information.

The power we can gather as consumers can be very powerful. We simply stop buying from companies and stores that refuse to adapt to the new playground. Circular economies has to replace the capitalist model long term. Companies that continue to harm nature, including us humans, shall experience a ban to their products.

All this seem to be very radical, but it is actually necessary. Our political leaders will not get their butt mowing, just start another investigation. The answers are all around us. Science, put together from a holistic view, has proposed several solutions. The same goes for companies and stores with a forward looking long term view. They invent products and solutions that will work in harmony with nature.

The ongoing war comes with bad things, but in parallell it brings opposite forces for peace. There is always a polarity. Good and bad. We need to spark an opposite force towards shortsightedness , ego and what’s in it for me. The ignition starts with increased awareness.

If we collaborate with nature instead of rape it things will have a possibility to be really good. We all have the possibility to increase our awareness and chose to care for the ones coming after us.

Be Conscious


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