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Where is Man in 900 years?

Futures of Man seeks new ideas about the future of Man. As I am one of the magazine's authors, my challenge is to dare to go beyond established truths. I can do it when I use fiction. Which I will do in this article.

Wormhole: Benji64, Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0

In order for Man, and in particular the humane humanity that holds love, art and innovation as special qualities, to be able to place itself in the future, humanity must make certain choices. Humanity and the individual human being must choose a future for themselves and place themselves in their choice. I call this future positioning.

To get started with an article of about 1000 words and where the perspective is 900 years, I will make some powerful sorts. I choose to focus on you as a reader, on you as an individual and on your time axis. But, before I do that, I'll still make a leap into space - the universe of the great unknown of the future.

Can we travel 900 years forward in time? Is a future journey possible?

The theoretical quantum mechanics is not foreign to the thought, we can travel through wormholes. Look at the illustration above that accompanies the article. It shows what a journey between two dimensions via a wormhole can look like. Let us play with the idea that the physical measures we need to complete the journey are possible. In such a situation, man can travel through parallel dimensions of the universe via "tunnels" that move us faster than light. Such a speed is a great advantage as it will take us 4,300 years at the speed of light to reach our nearest neighboring star in the Milky Way, the Proxima Centauri. Via a wormhole, it could happen as a ride on the subway.

If we traveled 900 years into time at the speed of light, we would have come about a quarter of the way to the Proxima Centauri and even if the aging process goes later in space, we would probably not have reached within the framework of our life course. It would all go too slowly, even at the speed of light. But, if I absolutely want to know how humans and humanity have evolved in 900 years, I can travel with fiction - it works almost like a wormhole. I can imagine 900 years into time and place myself there. I place myself in the future, an imaginary future, and I call it future positioning.

Theoretical quantum physics will be able to help me with such an experiment. Let me explain with the well-known example ´Schrödinger's cat´.

A cat is sitting in a closed box with a substance and a geiger counter, which can measure if the substance is broken down. If the geiger counter detects that the substance is being broken down, a poison gas is released which kills the cat. Whether the substance is broken down or not is controlled by quantum mechanics. According to Schrödinger, the thought experiment tells us that the cat's condition is only determined when we look down into the box. Until then, the possibilities are open, so to speak. In that way, one can imagine that while the future is normally open, it will be determined as soon as we look at it. This is bias in my thoughts about 'futures positioning'.

Note that the future is 'normally open' and then 'determined as soon as we look at it'. This is almost Vedic philosophy! Thoughts are energies and they shape futures. What can I use such insight for?

My article is not about time travel as such, in a quantum mechanical sense, but about an opportunity for you and me to look into the future and then determine it for your and my use. In the eye that I have looked into the future and I think well and notice the future that I prefer and so choose, then I can attach it and move myself into it. This is what future positioning is all about and which is a focal point for us in Futures of Man.

You may have read the PREMIUM article for April this year? Where my colleague Ulf Kurkiewics writes about his transformative self-development through the program DAWN? Do it, read the article. You will be indirectly presented with a wormhole, a method of how you can travel into your preferred future and place yourself there, through a transformative process of introspection.

The thoughts my colleague Ulf presents illustrate the thoughts I present. The path to the future is a matter of positioning. To achieve this, you must know yourself with a new self-insight and expanded consciousness. You can develop it by constructing your individual wormhole and jumping into the future picture you prefer. There you will find your life balanced and free. Precisely how the Universe is designed to promote growth and development.

Nice jump!


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