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  • Lars Echardt Petersen


Maybe you do not agree?

Think about it…

When you are naive, you are maximally open, like an infant reaching out his arms to his mother and expecting to be carried in her safe arms.

Mom does too ... usually.

Being so open is not appealing to an adult.

Then "I" will be vulnerable and weak, someone would probably think and that is also true, but that is not the whole truth.

It becomes a kind of truth because we live in a society where there has been a superficial ideal of being "perfect" and having success.

Then you should preferably seem strong, smart and skilled without necessarily being…

Personally, I think it makes more sense to want to be whole instead of perfectionism as a superficial ideal.

So what kind of truth do I want to express that is greater?

Children allow themselves to be happy.

Of course, they get sad sometimes, but it is clear that it is most natural for them to be maximally open, playful and being who they are.

Think of the Bible's creation account with Adam and Eve.

They are a happy couple until they have eaten of the tree of knowledge.

Only then do they notice they are naked.

Their naked bodies represent their true selves (soul).

The clothes are the ego. Their “facade”.

The ones they think they are.

Once they have put on their clothes, they cannot stay in Paradise.

They must wander until one day they can return to the Garden of Eden.

In our part of the world we have become so strong in logic that we have "forgotten" the emotions.

The mental world seems more stable.

We seek material security in the form of money, power and sex.

Something violent often has to happen for us to dare to change our lives.

A love affair, a traffic accident, illness, financial bankruptcy, etc.

So how can we return to paradise?

As I see it, we have to face our ego.

The danish song artist Lis Soerensen writes about a love affair with the song - My eyes they must see.

“My eyes they must see. look at what they want to see.

Look so deep that you don't exist.

And though love makes blind.

These is Where they find your soul...”

A man in love gets naivety back.

The boyfriend and girlfriend look through each other's egos to the real feelings.

What I call honest love.

Love can only grow if it is based on honesty and love.

Real love gives life meaning.

It makes us whole together.

It is the reason most of us are born.

Once the infatuation is over, the ego will occasionally show up and create problems.

The more you get your will, the harder it is for honesty.

All my best to you

  1. Lars Echardt

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