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  • Jon Frang Mostad


On the earthly surface of a blue water planet, Man travels alone in a dark cosmos. Where does Man come from and where is he going? What is self and what is consciousness of Man? The questions are many, difficult to find answers to and at the same time necessary to be spoken out.

Travelling with thought

FUTURES OF MAN, our platform and the publisher of articles on the futures of humans and humanity aims to "travel where few dare”, to seek out notions of possible paths to follow.

Futures of Mans way of traveling is with thoughts. If quantum physics' notions of entanglement are correct, then thought travels faster than light. If this is true, the thoughts of our articles and captions will reach the affected readers even at the far end of the Universe, simultaneously.

At the beginning of the theories of the metaphysical universe, which began with Albert Einstein, his thesis was "the consciousness that has created a problem does not solve the problem". Whether humanity has problems or not is both a political and a scientific question. I'm not trying to answer that question, I'm trying to think what if I give my own evolution a push forward?

Can I reach further at a greater speed in a more meritorious way if I try to construct new self-insight and expanded consciousness for myself? Do I have access to an insight and a language that will do this future positioning possible to me?

Philosophy of the possible futures for humanity

Knowing the back-drop philosophy hidden in the myths, give you access to a deeper understanding of the work of Futures of Man.

In a series of texts in our magazine, my colleagues and I seek to form a story that is understandable - a story of how Man stepped out of nature and established himself in his own being. A discovery guided by evolution, whose purpose is the development of the sensing and conscious universe.

Technological development, a side of human evolution, offers humans a challenge in the form of superior artificial intelligence, freed from emotion and rational in its being. Will humans survive as independent individuals with an accelerating artificial intelligence that challenges? If so, what's the matter? Where is Man's place in the creation of the future?

Let's see if the answers exists.

The pre-historical Man was one with nature. Man shared the being with nature and was a co-creator of nature as power and myth. Man did not have insight into himself as an individual and conscious being, but was prisoned in a context with nature he could not explain. Human history should not continue this way. With the millennia, evolution lifted Man out of the totem community with the tribe and into a beginning self-based on the individual as the subject. Slowly Man rose out of the clan and became his own construction and conscious in his own mental notions and choices. Even the magnificent Roman culture saw itself as a clan community where the individual did not exist.

The price Man had to pay to leave the fellowship with nature, The Great Mother, cultivated as the female deity, the incarnation of the very life force as the prerequisite for the maintenance of life, became a journey in solitude into a dark and cold cosmos, abandoned and jailed in an infinity of emptiness. Where is the path back to The Great Mother and why is the journey required?

I try to find the journey first, then I will take care of the answers.

When Man left Nature

Man moves out of nature, a necessary action to establish himself as an individual construction of the self and for the establishment of an analytical consciousness. The journey towards modernity begins with the fragmentation of nature as a deity, separated from Man.

The deity becomes immortal, but nature and Man remain mortal. The oneness of the divine was transformed in the form of sub-deities; some humans took their place with the gods, such as pharaohs. Such a view develops a new understanding of death as the eternal rebirth to which the Universe is also subject. Death becomes an illusion, a rest, a cycle of nature. The Great Mother is no longer a myth or deity, but rebirth as a principle of nature. Man is alone.

Such universal pessimism and resignation triggers an ethical awareness in Man, which in turn becomes an important step towards constructing self and analytical consciousness.

1800 years before our time, the Pharaohs eventually lose their absolute authority as a deity and must share immortality with a larger part of the population, based on an independent moral assessment of their lives, performed as a cumbersome ritual in the underworld after physical death. Osiris and ten judges place a weight on the dead man's heart and decide on immortality. From being the power and wealth that determines immortality, ethics is now the great judge. Man's evil or good deeds are keys. In the same way, but in different expressions, the ethical consciousness spreads in the contemporary and emerges a beginning ethically conscious human being. We glimpse a beginning philosophical interest in the meaning of life.

What did antiquity know?

Moses was entrusted to Pharaoh and consecrated in Egypt's secret cosmology. Moses must have known about Pharaoh Akhnathon's understanding of God as a transcendent deity, a deity outside of nature itself, a deity superior to nature. With the release of the Jews from slavery in Egypt, the worship of a God of fertility is developed into the worship of a deity standing above nature. Humans become interpreters of God's will and their task is to bring God's will to life. If I say that the will of God in life is the construct of an individual self and an analytical consciousness, am I still holding on to a red thread?

Does the fellowship with the mythical nature expressed in the cave paintings, through the jews' liberation from the Pharaohs of Egypt into our modern self with our analytical consciousness, form a line? If so, what happened then in the time after the emigration? How did ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia and Judaism create the Modern Man?

By knowing the answer to the question, we can better understand Man as lonely, without God on an infinite journey in a dark and cold cosmos, searching for a path home.

Think with your heart and feel with your head

The separation of Man from nature was a necessary precondition for the development of an independent consciousness. The long journey from the cave to today's modernity has created the analytical brain. With the help of the analytical brain, Man is in the process of lifting himself out of disease and poverty, and in fact into space as a traveller to distant planets. But at what price?

In order to develop the analytical brain, humans had to leave the world of the phenomenon. The challenge today is to be reunited with nature and thereby the myths, but this time on a level of consciousness that also contains the analysis. There will come a time in the evolution of Man where he will think with his head and feel with his head.

To succeed with this new self-insight and expanded awareness, humans need to be co-creators of their own evolution. This is what Futures of Man strives for.

Hang on


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