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  • Ulf Kurkiewicz

May Man push his evolution?

Don’t we drive or push our evolution right now? We have had a tremendous development up till now, and it don’t seem to slow down? But the intention of push in the headline is actually to make a push towards another development. As we act today it is valid to ask the question; Is it evolution of Man or is it about evolution of the unity with all living?

Where are we now? The time of self-focus and my success. No time to make a change, Effortless and convenient. I want it all and I want it now.

Can the lyrics from the song” I want it Now” give us a clue?

I want the world

I want the whole world

I want to lock it

All up in my pocket

It's my bar of chocolate

Give it to me now

I want today

I want tomorrow

I want to wear 'em

Like braids in my hair and

I don't want to share ’em

By Primus - Lyrics - Anthony Newley / Leslie Bricusse

We seek the solution in the smallest parts we know about, and surprisingly they describe a situation suggested by the ancient civilizations long gone. What can we learn from the method we use, pick things apart, remove the relation from the whole into fragmented theories, further and further away from the unity?

We develop and invent things in all areas, all the time. Maybe they will help, or not. Technology gives us a lot of benefits, but it also creates problems. One lesson we can make, if we take the time to reflect and evaluate, is that many technological inventions have created a lot of good things, but also a long list of problems for the environment and for individual people or even for societies. This is a fact that is valid for almost every development area. In the beginning it all seems like a good idea, but after a decade or two drawbacks emerge. Moving from a good situation to a potentially dangerous situation and after another decade or two a dangerous situation for certain.

Why is it like this? Why do we do things so short sited? Just go for a short time benefit without taking any consideration of the long-time effects and the impact inflicted to our surroundings and fellow species in a broad sense? What are the drivers behind? A lot of questions that have different answers, and I have no intention to bring up the answers here. It would require a completely different article. No, I will reflect on possible ways forward, a way that takes a holistic view on our development. Push for a different evolution.

May Man push his evolution? In my opinion we can, and we must. The other option is for me a non-existing one. Not doing anything is not an option. Leaning towards our political, business and authority’s leadership will not work either. All with too short-term focus. Just considering the development of Artificial Intelligence, in all of its forms, will give us a lot of possibilities, but it also brings some very critical threats with them. Some of the development conducted by states with political agendas, and other conducted by companies with Return on Investment and power built in their agenda.

Not a very promising picture I paint out for you. Where is the way forward then? The simple answer is, it is up to you, but that seems a little baggy. What do I mean then? You and I for instance, can make a difference. We can start what we do as persons. What are my basic needs of things to have stored into my home? Is it something I use for my living, or is it just a surplus? Can I fix the things that I consider as broken? Can I leave them to someone else that can bring them to life? I can choose to buy from someone that produces in a respectful and environmentally safe way. From a company with a long-term view and that takes, real, responsibility for their actions. But you may say, we are just the two of us. That’s right but we also have friends, colleagues, contacts in social media that we can inspire.

What about science and technology then? One thing we have learned during the centuries is that theories and ideas are just tiny time capsules. They are valid for a short time, then replaced with developed or completely new theories. This brings up another angle of possibilities. There is a need of holistic and longtime view of our development. You cannot find the overall picture by increasing the power of the microscope. You have to fit the pieces together on a system level that is connected to the overall picture. We are all made of the same stuff, just put together in different forms. From the rock, germ, virus, flower, tree, bird, fish, and human. We are all made of the same stuff. Stuff that entangles on the very low level. Mather of fact there is some evidence emerging that this occurs on high levels as well. In my worldview, there is nothing strange with that.

We can, and should, use similar methods on science as we can towards business. We require that science place their results and discoveries into an overall system image. Explaining how they relate and how we can develop science further to take a holistic view. We can ask our ´scientists to come up with suggestions of actions of how to implement the new knowledge into the real life, that benefits us all, all species.

When it comes to our politicians and authorities, we can evaluate them from a delivery point of view. Not from a promise, or we will start an investigation point of view. No, from a view where you can follow the reasoning and presentation over to action plans and real action. Follow that the reasoning gives the people voted for them what they promised. That they need to take a holistic view and dare to propose actions that will benefit the voters, the society, and the planet at the same time. This requires courage and builds trust.

But all this requires another important factor. It requires us to take a wider perspective and that we increase our awareness of that things are intertwined. We are not separate from each other’s or other parts of the planet. We are all part of it. If we think of them that will take over after us, maybe we can start to think a bit different, and most of all, start to act a little different with a holistic perspective. Find out what is really important for the unity and start to act from that point of view.

Be Conscious


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