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March 1, 2019 | Jon Mostad

Does human beings come to earth for a life purpose? Obviously, everything else would be the biggest nonsense and waste.

A few years back, I landed at Stansted Airport and traveled on a taxi through London's busy streets. I had plenty of time before I arrived and the time went on to a nice conversation with the driver. He told me that he had unfortunately lost his job as a coach at a school and that he was worried about the children who were no longer admitted to his support after school. He said that the adults often had to have two jobs to cover the housing expenses in London, and that the children were left to themselves after school. In order to find a "meaningful" frame at the time after school and before the adults came home, the children created social structures that divided roles and positions them in between. The children competed for these roles and often got "points" by stealing from the local stores. "These young people have no meaning in their lives," sighed the desperate taxi driver.

The story impressed me and I could share and know his despair - "these young people have no meaning in their lives".

I write about "the meaning of life" and I publish books where the theme is illuminated. Every Friday PM 0700 CET I post a blog where I reflect on various aspects of a "life with meaning". My texts are independent of political views and religious obligations. People face some fundamental challenges for the future, among other things as a result of technological development and artificial intelligence, which must be met and resolved. The human consciousness used to build the world where it is today is not capable to build the world that comes. The solution may lie in developing human consciousness. What consciousness and how? These are my themes.

Life of humans and the physical senses

Some spiritual teachers are of the opinion that life does not have any purpose, life only "is". I think their idea is that a «purpose» separates us from life in itself and creates chaos. I perceive their teachings so that the mind is a matter of urgency to be disciplined and preferably brought to silence. Several of the same teachers base their guidance that humans should "get rid of" their senses, as they bind us to a physical life in separation from the Source of Transcendence. I partly argue for such a view, but at the same time with great moderations. If you read my texts that you can search up using the keyword "ego" or "consciousness", you can read more about my view on this topic.


Is the philosophical thought of a source beyond the human limit of understanding, a source that cannot be experienced or recorded.


Is the philosophical thought of a source that is imbedded or within the very being of things and which is unaffected by any external factor.

What is the value of these two definitions, related to this text?

I am not a supporter of the thought of a universe created by chaos nor of the idea of a mechanically created universe.

My performance is like this, and it is, of course, a fiction, as all religious beliefs and scientific explanations are. I imagine that the transcendental source, the source that humans cannot comprehend with the thought or the physical senses, and therefore in several narratives, gives the name God, decides to create a notion of self in the form of a physical universe. The notion that expresses itself in the form of a Picture, is set in Motion and the result is Consciousness, the child of the two - we see the trinity.

The transcendental source makes itself immanent - takes hold of physical matter, a universe. Matter has immanent in itself, the transcendental source. In this sense, it can be meaningful in what great philosophical and religious explanations say, that man is created in the image of God. The Picture is the performance, but the Picture itself "stands still", it must be born. Therefore, the Movement is implemented, it consists of both expansion and gravity. When the image is moved into motion, the child is "born", which is Consciousness. The universe is conscious and this corresponds to radical cosmology (recent scientific explanations of the relationship between Consciousness and the Universe).

All matter and life is conscious, inherent in the "DNA" of the transcendental source and are active co-creators in the development of the Image - that is, the Universe. With this "explanation" as the backdrop, I maintain that life has a purpose.

Life's purpose

Friends laugh at me, I claim artificial flowers have life. They do not, however, get water like my "real" flowers (I don't have many of them), but I wash them and dry their dust, talk to them, and they live a long time. All matter is built of atoms and molecules, and appears in complex shapes. Deep, deep in their very own world, the particles of the atoms swing in a lively and meaningful dance. In my understanding of the world, all matter is life, and at different levels of frequencies, all life is consciousness.

People live their lives adapted and shaped by the physical senses, to a 3D world. Most people find meaning based on personal assumptions, interests and expectations in their surroundings.

Most people live good lives and most people I meet do not ask questions about life in themselves. Resistance, difficulty and disease are understood at the symptom level and then treated. Few ask existential questions such as if life has a purpose. Can resistance, difficulties, and illness, in any way, be linked to the individual's purpose in life? Understood so that when the individual "does not fix life", then this means that the person on a higher level carries on a life purpose that is not fulfilled? Is it so that the few know it this way?

Man has developed the ability to self-objective - which is about the ability to see himself as an object, and has developed the ability to discerne, that is to say, reflect between what is right and proper for himself and for a larger context. We do not believe animals have this ability, although animals are also intelligent and have senses that surpass human senses.

All life has a meaning. Man has an opinion both collectively and individually. Humanity itself has a meaning and every human being has an individual purpose of life. The human child is born with a collective and an individual life purpose. Throughout life, the challenge for every human being is to seek life's purpose, understand it, and unfold it. The process of understanding the purpose of life so that it can be implemented must go beyond a cognitive process. People's thoughts are largely limited by the 3D senses and 3D experiences, therefore it makes little sense to ask the thoughts about the purpose of life. People should ask their spiritual senses.

This is what I am busy writing about. Looking for my lyrics, you will find clues that can show you the way.


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