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  • Jon Frang Mostad


Each sense is its own intelligence – smell as the oldest, hearing, sight, taste, and why not include the sense of balance, orientation and not to mention, intuition? How many senses do I have? 7, 8… maybe 9? Each sense its own intelligence… they argue and brawl over the right to the ‘reality’ that should be mine.

I also live a constructed life. Parents, friends, neighbours, colleagues and authorities would all like to define me – «be this, do that» are their expectations and demands.


As long as I live a constructed life created by senses, I live separate from my fundamental idea – separate from myself. Senses and rehearsed acts is what gives me the feeling of life.

This is my fallacy. 

In previous speaks  (YouTube) I’ve talked about my Elementary Self, my Inherent Self – about living in alignment with my Life’s Purpose, my Dharma. A life as One – without separation. United in myself. I only need myself to live a whole life.

The Buddhism shows me the path I can walk in order to live a life united with myself. Vahrayana – the Buddhist Tantra shows me the sketch of a life in pure energy. A life where my fallacy may be transformed into wisdom.


Tantra’s perspective entails recognition of the universe in its proper order. Herein lies a pitfall I have to avoid. The tantric path can lead me towards using the energetic techniques to satisfy my personal needs. An error like this would lead me away from what Tantra is about – a life in emptiness… a life free from constructed fallacies created by my senses. If I can bear to live a tantric life, I will live a life «empty of existence» – a life in compassion – a life where I’m «never two» – that is, separated from you.

Will I ever be able to muster the strength to live a life where I’m «never two»…?

This perspective is focus for my quotes and captions published in the coming week no 43. Feel free to follow and connect. 


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