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December 7, 2018 | Jon Mostad

You probably have had conversations with others where you felt misunderstood, stepped on and ignored? You have probably known about disappointment, despair and anger in communication? I have. In that case, we are two who have experienced how difficult conversations can be. What can this be about? I'll try to give you an extended perspective.


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Voyager to Mars

I have been working on language and communication for many years. I have taught at universities, written books and delivered programs. Despite this practice, I think communication is really difficult. When I teach, I tend to say that "sending a probe to the planet Mars and getting a response is far more easy than understand another." When you talk to someone it's not just the words to be understood but also the content of the sentences, the context of the conversation, and the grid of experiences the message is sent from and received into. In fact, it does not stop here either. I'm going to make it all far more difficult.

You are several bodies

Yes, you are several bodies. This may sound strange. How much easier life would be if we were just one body? The idea that we are different bodies in one body is related to the notion of how consciousness takes shape in a physical universe. The heaviest form of consciousness and sluggishness in matter is realm of the mineral. From the realm of minerals consciousness expresses itself in a more and more abstract and volatile forms, until it reaches the world of thoughts and intuition within humans.

Basically, humans are a physical body, with skeletal, muscles, tendons and nerves. In order for the physical body to live and move, it needs an energetic body. The energetic body encloses the physical body and makes it alive. When a human dies, the energetic body retreats from the physical body which then dissolves. These two bodies are embraced by an emotional body. It is also called the astral (light) body and it holds dreams, feelings and desires. However, we are more than meat, energy and emotions, we are also complex discerning systems. Humans have a mental body. The mental body keeps our logical and analytical ideas and makes us mindful. Then follows the perhaps most complex body, the causal (intuitive) body. Here we make our choices and align our ethical and intuitive life, based on relationships we are not aware of. The causal body is also called the intuitive body. The soul is the link between the named bodies and the spirit, and the soul is connected with the spirit by its domain in the causative body.

The energetic body's energy centers

The energetic body are built by a considerable number of energetic centers. Usually we refer to 7 centers as the most important. We call these centers chakras. They act as a kind of turbine that distributes the energy that flow through us. When these centers are blocked, the intensity of the transport of energy drops and we lose the experience of vitality. If you feel tired and powerless, one or more blocked chakras may be a cause. When the acupuncture sticks needles in you, this happens after a careful plan where the purpose is to boost your energy and open for blocked chakras.

1. Root chakra

Man has a Root chakra that is located at the bottom of the pelvis. The Root chakra is linked to human existential will for life and faith in life. Blockages in Rot Chakra often lead to existential despair, loss of life will, and belief in existence.

2. Hara chakra

Then comes what we call Hara chakra located in the lower part of the stomach region, but beyond Root chakra. Hara chakra is linked to play, joy, sensuality, desire and excitement on life. Blocking in Hara-chakra often brings with it a loss of mood, enthusiasm and fantasies.

3. Solar-plexus chakra

Just beneath the breastbone we find the Solar-plexus chakra, the power and the mental intelligence energetic center. Blocking in Solar-plexus chakra results in loss of self-esteem, loss of faith in self-intelligence and loss of judgment.

4. Heart chakra

Beyond the stomach we find the chest and in the heart region we find Heart chakra. To Heart chakra we associate the love dimension of life. An open and well-functioning Heart chakra embraces the surroundings. Conversely, a closed Heart chakra is associated with impaired ability to empathize, self-love and love.

5. Throat chakra

Between chest and head, we find the Throat chakra. To my mind, perhaps the most mythical chakra. The ancient Egyptian mythology saw the Heart-chakra as the gateway to the creative energy of the universe. From this chakra, all other chakras were initiated. The Throat-chakra is the energy center for the dissemination of the spiritual perception of your own life. Blocking in Throat chakra often leads to the loss of illusions about their own possibilities and greatness.

6. Third-Eye chakra

Two main chakras are attached to the head. In the forehead, between the eyes, we find the Third-Eye chakra. The pineal gland connects with the Third Eye. Our Third Eye is our ability to travel mentally in the universe to retrieve new information as a basis for new actions. A blockage of Third-Eye chakra causes impaired ability to retrieve new spiritual information.

7. Crown chakra

Our seventh chakra is located on the top of the head. The Crown chakra balances the right and left hemispheres and balances the brain's ability to think holistically. A blocked Crown chakra delays access to see the big picture and keep complex solutions open for considerations.

What does this have to do with communication?

Words have a written and an oral form. When a word is written, it gives a pictorial expression. The sound of the word releases symbolic auditive forms. The word is almost a hieroglyph that is possible to be interpreted to the one who knows the symbols. The word also has an audio form. The word is expressed as energy vibrations using the vocal ties. Magic. Words chained together give forms meaningful expressions. In an oral conversation, the words will be given press, tone, pause, etc. They are sent from an understanding framework to another understanding framework, it is done in a social and cultural context. The words are coded and they get encoded through complicated frameworks and filters. A very complicated operation is in full development when two people communicate. Here's where I want to bring in a new dimension that complicates further - we unconsciously communicate with the influence of the chakras!

Without awareness of the impact, we forward our messages from more or less blocked chakras. The message is received and is decoded with unconscious influence from the chakras of the recipient. The chakra that affects the energy of the expression is not necessarily the parallel chakra of the recipient.

Chaos quickly becomes a result.

Let me give you some examples

Imagine a person who expresses "I do not see any meaning in life". Let's imagine that this comes from a person named Ray. The statement from Ray may be formed with foundation in 7 possible energy vibrations. The message's intention will be shaped by which chakra it is unconsciously under influence. Ray is not aware.

If Ray is in a life situation that is characterized by deep discouragement as a result of, for example, a collapse of society, basic difficult economy or the experience of lack of belonging in a community, the statement can be a Root chakra statement.

If Ray is in a situation burdened with duties, responsibilities and missing friends, the statement can come from a blocked Hara chakra. The problem is not the experience of missing an existential foundation, but lack of play, joy and sensuality in every days life.

If Ray is in a situation with the absence of ideas, directions and the experience of not expressing thoughts about purpose in life, the statement may be supported by a blocked Throat Chakra. Ray is unable to formulate thoughts about life.

So I can continue to associate the statement with all the 7 main chakras of Ray. What about the recipient?

Imagine a recipient who knows Ray, would like to help and who has clear opinions about what Ray needs. I call this person Sun. However, it might also be someone who not knows Ray.

If Sun "chooses" to respond to Ray's message centered within own Solar-plexus chakra, the message will be interpreted into an energy center that controls the vibration of analytical intelligence and is characterized by Sun's predisposition. Ray who sends the message from another vibrating world will not be accommodated accordingly to unconscious needs. A crossing communicative relationship occurs and it is dysfunctional.

I can continue to associate Ray's statements with other of Sun's chakras. As a result, Ray does not become accommodated and therefore not understood to his unconscious needs. The result becomes painful and difficult for both, as nobody understands the emotional and intellectual effect of the crossing energy vibration.

Let the chakras talk

In my work within communication for many years, I have studied, taught and reflected on how we communicate with people. Only recently, I have become aware of the value of understanding what a blocked energy stream may reflect into the meditative and spiritual dimension of our conversations.

If we let the chakras speak to each other, the sensibility of being understood, the accommodation and the help, will grow infinitely much greater.

How do you think Ray will experience his Root chakra statement of "I do not feel meaningful with life" if Sun meets, rumors and responds from the wisdom of own Root chakra?

Wouldn't that be like coming home?


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