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January 18, 2019 | Jon Mostad

No age, no gender, no persona - walk through life with emptiness as form.

"I'm not happy with my life ...", I hear such a statement from time to time. I also hear others, such as "he has offended me ..." or "you're doing me badly ...". Do you know such statements? I work with people and I am absolutely familiar with such issues. Each time I ask myself: where do these experiences come from? Are there ways in which we can learn to take responsibility for our lives ourselves and not shift responsibility to others?

I think so, and in this blog I'll write about just such opportunities.

You are reading my blog number 4 for 2019. You can search blogs from 2018 and 2017 and find the topic treated a little bit more than I do here. Every Friday at 1900 (PM 0700 CET) I post a new blog and share it on Facebook. On instagram I follow up with quotes and captions where the theme of the week is deepened. I'll be happy if you click in and send me a comment.

Let's look at the theme of the week together

You and The Life

I am quite surprised that many people obviously believe that life is something they "have" as if they and their lives are separate. What can such an opinion come from? Are people somehow alienated for life? They live but are not part of life? I have to understand such statements this way.

This separation from life is interesting and I think it has the potential for great healing if we manage to close the gap, but how? Let me make some thoughts.

First of all - life is something you are, nothing you have. Right?

What is The Life?

People ask me, "Does life have a purpose?» And I immediately answer "Yes, what else should it have?". The idea that The Life- yes all forms of life, should be without a purpose is unthinkable to me. The universe does not waste resources in that way. What do you think?

Life is a deeply determined conviction for me. We go into life for a purpose. Now it may sound like I argue for a religious conviction, I do not. In my texts I am a motivational speaker, not a priest. I reflect on life from a spiritual perspective. When I reflect on life from a spiritual perspective, I reflect with other senses than the 5 physical ones. In several of my texts, I'm jwriting about spiritual reflection.

When we decide to go into life, we also accept "going into a body" as if we were to make a deep dive in water. We are souls who provide us with a physical experience. We choose to go into matter and for that purpose we need a "vehicle". The body is the soul's vehicle during its stay on earth.

The body is a "container" or a "vehicle", whatever you choose to call it, for a high energetic vibration we call soul and this soul has a spiritual purpose. This soul does not have a freak of opportunity to get its "boots on the ground," if it tried without a body. The earth is a heavy, inhospitable and dark planet. If you were going to Mars, you would need a space suit. Is my picture ready? Can you follow me on such a story? I need this story to explain what I mean by "Let your ego go".

Life is an educational trip and the journey takes place in "deep water" where you need a protective suit that also serves as a vehicle. You are on a mission. Exciting.

Imagine wearing this "diving suit" which is also the vehicle you can move around with. This suit needs a control system, a set of detailed maps and road views, not unlike a GPS in a well-equipped car. You enter destination and the GPS select itinerary. Sovereign !? Then you feel that you want to differ from the itinerary or to choose a more romantic route along old winding roads - then GPS can sometimes be difficult to collaborate with. Have you experienced so?

Well - the picture starts to draw?

Ego and Soul

Man is this individual soul who chooses a discovery mission - an educational experience, rather, on Earth. To succeed in mission, the soul has to dress on a body and this body is at the same time the driving eye on the ground. The body's GPS is a supreme custom ego, we can call this ego personality and this personality is self-conscious. The ego lives its own life. The Ego thinks it determines the body!

That's why the soul faces some challenges.

When the soul begins its journey on earth, with its body as "diving suit" and "vehicle", the ego will determine speed and direction. Here it can turn out to be both complicated and painful. What the soul wants and the ego wants can be deeply incompatible.

The Ego is the body's GPS, mentor and counselor, and perfectly adapted to the 3D reality that the 5 physical senses set up. The reality on Earth is measured and weighed with the 5 physical senses. For this purpose the ego is perfect. Ego is also the persona, created by instincts, sensational experiences and social constructions. When the soul lands in such a body and begins to take advantage of the body's possibilities, it reaches "covered table" and the trouble begins.

What the soul wants it not necessarily the ego’s desires.

You are The Life not The Ego

Unfortunately, people do not learn to distinguish between life and ego. Most people I meet experience life as "something" they are distanced from. Most people seem to identify with the ego. This mismatch creates a lot of confusion. People seem to be two and not one.

Where is the way then?

If you follow this story and ask me "where is the way out?" Then I know there is a way. Just that you think this story about ego and soul makes sense for you is a good starting point. Everything is about as soul, getting united with its body. The separation between soul and ego is dysfunctional and paves you for energy. As the energy leaks out of your body, you lose your vitality and "the light goes out".

The moment you are anchored in the sense that you are not your ego, that the ego is a tool for the body and that you are the one who determines the destination and itinerary, you have come a long way. You need the body's ego. make friends with it, but decide on it. Find out what the ego needs and start the process of learning it to wait for the soul's signals.

Most people live in their Acquired I and do not know that they hold an Inherent I and do not know how to get there.

You'll find more blog posts where I deepen the theme and show you more ways. Search and you'll find. The process itself is part of the journey and therefore part of the education.


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