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«I’ve spent 15 billion years on being the one I am, some are late bloomers» (@mostadjon)

What does it mean to be a "late bloomer"? From time to time when I think my life is moving slowly or that new solutions are far away, I do my reflections on why it is so. Am I a "late bloomer"? 

Welcome to my blog where I do my reflections upon humans’ infirmities and about possible solutions found in mysteries given by civilizations we today only know through myths. May knowledge of forgotten laws of nature and insights to an advanced cosmology be found hidden in humans as coded messages? These and similar ideas are the subject of my texts.

Weekly I post a text that I share on my Facebook page. The text is followed up with Quotes and Captions on Instagram where you find me as @mostadjon. I write free from religion and politics. My texts are based on studies of esoteric, metaphysical and scientific literature, and are linked to my practice for many years. Through my work I try to develop a written form I call "narrative science" and the texts on Instagram are attempts to find a form I can call "micro poetry". 

Did you know that you can subscribe to my blog? It is posted every Friday 7 PM CET (Central European Time).

To bloom

In my world, words are beings. They are not visible to the eye, only for the mind. Words are meaningful and often they hide a hidden message. Therefore, it is important for me to understand what "bloom" means. I have a Scandinavian language as my mother tongue and therefore I often have to seek help in an English glossary or a dictionary to get a deeper meaning about English words. I was therefore rather surprised that I find "bloom" that I usually associate with the realms of plants, also as a word in the realm of minerals where it points to "a piece of steel". In my text, "bloom" is used as part of a metaphor I get from the realm of plants.

"Bloom" is the flower of a plant. Amazing. Not the plant it self, but the crucial and vital flower of the plant. "Bloom" is also defined as "something that resembles the flower of a plant". It is also described as the condition of being in flower and finally the time of vigor and beauty. How beautifully is this explained? I love my dictionary (

Let's think I'm a plant and at one stage in my life time I will jump into a flower - a flower that tells who and what I am as a plant. Are we talking about my distinctive character here? The strength and face of my soul? My life purpose?

A late bloomer

I have also looked more closely at the science of psychology and pedagogy, what do science says about "late bloomers»?. The term is used as a metaphor and tells about a child or young person who develops later and more slowly than others in his age group, then suddenly shoot at speed and bypass them. "A late bloomer" is also referred to as one who, with adulthood, awakens with a special talent and who can show ingenious qualities. For some, this happens first at the age of being old.


To be a spiritual bloomer

Spirituality is a term many use and few associate with an exact definition. In my texts I try to clear my own conceptual use. When I write about being a "late bloomer" in a spiritual perspective, I must be clear about what I understand about "spirituality." The Eastern myths and religions do not distinguish between faith and phenomena on the one hand, and science of nature on the other hand, as we do in the West. In the Western tradition, a sharp distinction is made between phenomena, including the religious, and the measurable scientific. This distinction has a long tradition in the West. Very simply explained, the roots of a distinction between phenomenon / mystery / religion and science of nature in the West can be traced back to the Greek philosopher Plato, initiated in Egypt's mysteries and cosmology, and his student Aristotle. Where Platon could "see" and "understand" the mysteries, Aristotle relate specifically to what was observable with the physical senses and which could be measured by certain standards. Plato's world became the world of ideas, the world of mysteries and the world of thoughts. The world of Aristotle became the "earthy" and measurable world.

The distinction between phenomena and what was measurable evolved further in the West's thinking and turned itself into a conviction that the universe was mechanically and driven by physical laws that could be explained, understood and calculated. The western world is 3 dimensional (3D) and shall therefore be explained by length, width and height. Other understandings and perceptions of the world did not exist. Today we see that this explanatory model does not extend. A world constructed of the physical senses limits human access to a larger world; the spiritual.

Spirituality is a "dimension within the dimension" - a world in the world, and this world is not observable by the physical senses. In order to "see," "understand," and "interact" with the spiritual world, man should open up and learn to apply his spiritual senses.

To be a spiritual bloomer is to awaken "the flower of the plant" - the flower of your soul my friend.

We are all late spiritual bloomers?

You who have read my former texts know my beliefs that Man has traveled through space first as star dust, then as part of the realms of minerals, then as part of the realms of plants and the highly advanced realms of animals, to be rewarded with an individualized human soul in a physical sphere with a spiritual mission. Already in this picture I can say that all humans are "late bloomers".

The spiritual awakening is available to all human beings and some grasp the opportunity with great joy, others feel satisfied with an observable and measurable perception of reality and live well in a 3D world. I would not have been an influence and a teacher if I did not have an educational message - grab the opportunity to "create a greater life" (Dalai Lama) both for the life you now live and for the life that follows. Such an attitude to your own life implies that you seek awakening to your spiritual senses.


In an evolutionary perspective, we might say that mankind is, on the whole, a late bloomer. In an individual perspective some are awakened to a spiritual insight and among them some far into their adult life. Maybe I can say they are blooming late? So it is with some particular plants, they express their higher beauty beyond many years of maturation.

The road to a new self-knowledge and extended awareness requires an individualized soul and that particular soul requires its special spiritual evolution. I want to believe we are all in the right place at the right time and some of us are really late bloomers with all it involves of deep insight and enlightenment.


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Jon Frang Mostad
Jon Frang Mostad
Oct 11, 2020

Thank you for your comment my friend - words in depth from you 🌺


Lars Echardt Petersen
Lars Echardt Petersen
Oct 11, 2020

Oh yes!

My birthday is 1965 on October 18th.

Can feel my "curses" turn into blessings now.

Short story (I hope ;-))

When I was 19, I lost both my parents 1/2 year apart.

I was my bigbrothers bigbrother.

He was diagnosed:

Unspecified psychotic schizophrenia.

This along with a lot of other chaotic experiences including 2 people with psychopathic traits has transformed me.

With Jon Mostad's Dawn education, I am now "landed" in paradise. I have found my Dharma.: "To make people want to be who they are - Their soul. :-)

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