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  • Ulf Kurkiewicz


It is easy to say that I know myself. I know who I am. But do we really? I would say no to the question. We know bits and pieces. Some true and other more or less adjusted.

Is it even possible to get to know yourself? I think we can but it requires a bit of work from us. You can’t fill in a form or protocol mechanically and then you are done. There are elements of reflection involved as well as elements of being true to oneself involved.

There are at least three different aspects to take a look at to start the process of getting to know yourself deeper than you do today. A knowledge that will increase in importance when the development of our technology and our society spins faster and faster.

One aspect is your formal education, This one is the easiest one to put on paper and to highlight. A not so easy part is to reflect on why this or that degree was the one I chose to take. How well has it fit in to the profession I have? Is there a match or is my profession more of a coincidence.

Another aspect is what actually are of my deeper interest. What things do I like to do? What makes me feel enthusiastic or makes me feeling well? What does it mean for me to conducting these things?

A third aspect is the things I do and where I have a real grounded experience. I can say that in this or that area I have real experience and competence. I can, and I have conducted this many times.

Looking at them piece by piece will give some answers. Looking at them as a whole will give other answers. They might even highlight a pattern that can govern you in future choices. But this step need a different kind of reflection, one for each piece, and another one for the merged view.

When you have achieved a holistic view of who you are you have increased the knowledge of who you are, what your drivers are, and why they look like they do.

There are certainly deeper aspects to look for but that requires another set of tools and knowledge. This can be obtained from Futures of Man.

Be conscious!


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