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  • Jon Frang Mostad


I have tried to understand what intuition is about. This experience of having an intelligence that behaves independently of the analytical and formal intelligence I use when challenges are really worked out and planned. The intuition does not work like that! Almost like a summer breeze, a sunny and blue everyday, it can blow through thoughts and feelings and bring new insights to me. You have also known this experience of seeing new opportunities without prior notice. Intuition is something we all people have.

But what is intuition?

I learned early to distinguish between instincts, impulses and intuition. Nearly as part of my DNA, I feel dangers to keep away from. I think this is part of my instincts that make up my "old brain", the one I share with all living, Thid old brain helped me through evolution, to survive.

Then I became aware of impulses. My senses I am driven by, such as smell, taste, hearing, vision, etc. all linked to a sense of intelligence attached to my chakras for life, desire and self-esteem. The ​​Theosophical idea about a lower form of consciousness driven by the emotional impulses gave me great meaning. Through Theosophy, I became familiar with how my body was built from an instinctive and basic knowledge of survival, through desire, joy and the desire to place me in positions where I could claim my ego,

Next leap appeared when I reached contact with my soul level. This highest perspective of consciousness connects my different physical bodies to the Spirit as a sphere. Here's where I find my intuition. The Queen of my insights. 

Intuition is my highest level of consciousness. At the point where Spirit and Body meets, The Soul keeps the connection. Intuition acts in the transition between consciousness as Spirit and consciousness as Body. This highest physical level of consciousness connects the knowledge of the Spirit and the Body of Knowledge. The connection creates insights, beliefs and knowledge, we do not know background, reasons and relationships for.

Intuition is to know what I do not know. A consciousness of beauty we can not explain. Intuition is more than emotional impulses and more than logical endings. Intuition is a reflection of the reflection, driven by causal relationships, I am not conscious about. Therefore, the intuitive knowledge is given the label «causal knowledge», merged by hidden causal relations and actions. 

More and more, I let my intuition be my guide. Everyone can develop their intuition and learn to move in a physical reality from their spiritual high.

In the coming week I express this thoughts of mine in quotes and captions. See you! 


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