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May 31, 2018 | Jon Mostad

Integrity is my last blog text in a collection of three texts. These three texts are coordinates in an understanding of how we can expand our consciousness. An expanded awareness is both the key, the lock and the gateway to futures of man. In futures that come, people will need to take a place in the face of artificial intelligence, new relations meetings and radically changing forms of communication.

In the coming week no 22-2018, my Instagram posts will reflect on «Integrity». This third text of a trinity. do the reflections through quotes and captions, linked to illustrative images. Feel free to follow me on

Let me tell you a bit about the background to my three texts. For more than 10 years I have trained on communication in energies. When I train communication in energies, I give the soul an opportunity to speak its energetic language, free from the influence of the mind. The process of freeing the soul from the thoughts of the mind goes through the activation of 9 spiritual and physical centers of motion. By opening the center of movement in the throat chakra the spiritual energy of all nature, flows freely into my body and activates the next 8 movement centers, by my intentional will. Each movement center has its strength and its form of expression. Together they deliver 9 hidden modes of communication that expresses their own characteristic of man. These 9 forms are known in the hidden and forgotten esoteric knowledge we are now about to uncover. The ancient Caldean and Egyptian culture knew this 9 forces of nature and worshiped them.

Through a process initiated by my Californian teacher, I immersed in the activation of the movement energy. I described the process and the spiritual essence of the initiation, I in my first blog called Purity. My next leap was initiating of the energy I named Clarity, described in my blog text named so. In this text I finally figure the energy I call Integrity - bringing together the two ; forming my spiritual triade.

My first text mirrored Purity - the acknowledgment after activation and deep stimulation of the throat chakra, the physic-spiritual gateway to the universe's creative power. My second text mirrored Clarity - the acknowledgment after activation and deep stimulation of the crown chakra, the physically-spiritual port of the balanced brain. This third text will reflect how I manifest and integrate Purity and Clarity, and achieve Spiritual integrity. The body's 9th form of expression is anchored in a physical movement center located between the shoulder blades where they meet when you insure pushing your shoulders together. When Purity and Clarity are integrated through this body's 9th Movement Center, I gained the recognition of Integrity. Notice that in the chakra associated with body 9's motion center, the chakra is where the body breathes Prana. Prana is solar particles and is explained as the life-giving energy.

The triad of Purity, Clarity and Integrity, gives me what I need to move from my Acquired I to my Inherent I. You can read my blog post where I reflect upon my Acquired and Inherent I. Texts inspired by my late Tibetan teacher Milarepa (dead 1135). This deep initiation of the three chakras (throat, crown and shoulder blade) stimulates the influx of the universe's creative power. It cleans, clears and collects our spiritual body so that we can go from a spiritual physical recognition into action in outer physical reality, in a whole.

You may find that my blog texts are hard to understand? I can follow you, if so. In order to convey what the body processes and the mind acknowledges, I need help from a language that is poetically evolved. I move on the edge of a conscious imagination world, almost beyond the reach of words I know and a world I understand. A way into the texts and the world of understanding of what I write can go through no understanding. Let all understanding go. Read and listen to the words as if they were music you want to explore. Let the music flow through your ears and refrain from understanding it. On a level it will work and your body will understand. You are, of course, very welcome to contact me for a thorough discussion.

The initiation of the shoulder-blade chakra led me to the transformation of what I give the word Integrity. Over several days I let the integration find its expression and language. On the physical plane, the reaction came immediately and it lasted, on the mental and causal plan I had to wait. The body has several levels of awareness. Our level of causal consciousness is the level for the aesthetic and intuitive consciousness. Our level of mental awareness is the level for logical analysis. The integration came to me almost like «walking on the water» - so soft and tender - I spent two days understanding that it was the rare guest Integrity that came. Integrity implies balance and completeness. The body knew that it from here is composed of three sources of spiritual energy and can behave dignified.

How does the spiritual body work with its complex physical manifestations. I can not but marvel.


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