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February 9, 2019 | Jon Mostad

The clerk choose to feel lonely - the master choose to be alone Is it possible to write something sensible about loneliness? Isn't the world's literary history filled with beautiful and sad ideas of loneliness? I have not read all the world's literature, therefore I have a limited knowledge of what it tells about loneliness. But, the life I've lived has been filled with enough loneliness so that I have an idea. Instead of writing about loneliness, I want to write about independency. To me, loneliness and independency are connected to each other in a form of causality. I want to reflect on independency and point to loneliness. Are you coming with me? Every Friday 0700 PM CET (Central European Time) I post a blog that is shared on Facebook. You can subscribe to my blog and get the text of the week directly to your email. Free and no obligations. The week's theme is elaborated on in quotes and captions on Instagram @mostadjon. I reflect in text to develop myself. If you like what I write, I'm happy. Feel free to comment and feel free to ask for specialization. My perspective is about getting to know a larger spiritual world than the 3D world I live in. My texts do not have a religious or paranormal purpose. Welcome to the week's text. Loneliness I have always believed in the story of man as a social being, a caveman in herd. The ancient men with their targeted and unified brains hunted the bison oxen. The women with their emotional and space-based brains kept their lives alive and provided for the upbringing of the children. The picture has given me meaning for many years. If a man or woman was shut out of the community, the situation for that person must have been very dramatic. The man in his past, most likely climbed down from the protective but at the same time limiting trees and discovered a new world, a dangerous world, explored on two legs. By developing their social skills and not least their language, man finally conquered the entire globe, at least the land-based part of the globe. Eventually, humans have also explored the depths of the sea and today traveling far into space. Man's social skills and languages ​​are unique tools and explain much of Man's success. Today a person is successfully measured on the number of friends, followers and the size of their social networks. In this story of what is the recipe for success, I meet people who do not fit. They strive with the number of their friends, the size of their networks and the experience of being in demand. I have known these experiences on my own body, do you? People feel alone and get sick of the experience. How do we understand and disband such a story? Psychologists and doctors encounter loneliness and the following of loneliness, with therapeutic understanding and ultimately medication of the symptoms as a strategy. Is there another way of understanding and treating loneliness? I think so. Modern man has well-developed egos. Instincts, innate genetic dispositions, emotions and social learning create well-functioning egos within a sensory device that perfectly adapts the body to the 3D world on Earth The egos are like advanced GPSs in modern cars. They carry the human body from A to B by finding, suggesting and most often determining the path itself. The egos express in many ways the human personality and "become" the individual self. Few people understand that here is a basic systematic error ongoing in such a behaviour.  Man is not his ego. Man is a soul with a spiritual mission that stays in an earthly atmosphere on a physical planet in a solar system of a galaxy. For the mission, the soul needs a human body, such as when a diver descend into water. The body is the soul's vehicle and the ego is the body's control system. It's the ego who knows loneliness, not the soul. The ego is "violated" by not receiving the attention it deserves or is entitled to. Loneliness is sad, it is bad and it can damage the body. It should certainly be taken seriously, but not by being viewed as something that is morbid and in need of medication.  Is there another way? As long as the ego is not united with the soul's spiritual mission, there exists a contradiction that plagues the body. When you and I experience loneliness, we know the body's pain. This pain is what accompanies the ego's confusion and resistance to conforming to the purpose of the soul. We do not solve the body's experience of loneliness by processing loneliness therapeutically or medically. We have to go differently. How? The idea that body and soul are separated is a key message in the Buddhist teaching. You will also find the teaching in other religious explanations. The road to the dissolution of the contradiction goes through uniting with your Inherent I, that is, your life's purpose. Something else will not make sense, in a spiritual explanation. Solitude I have known a lot about loneliness. At times, the loneliness has been so strong that it almost paralyzed me. By studying the ancient Chinese natural philosophy of Taoism, which is both a practical and abstract introduction to hidden natural laws that bring nature to growth, I have gradually understood what I am able to convey to you here. Loneliness does not concerns you, it concerns the ego. By understanding yourself as something other than an impulse-controlled ego, you can convert the ego's pain associated with the experience of separation, into the state of being alone. This is a game changing perspective. The ego's task is to nourish the body into a limiting 3D reality.  The soul does not need recognizable ones from the physical world, as the ego does. The soul knows its spiritual purpose, understands the path of dedication that is necessary to go to fulfill the purpose of life and perceive with spiritual senses. The soul act on behalf of a 5D reality.  The soul is the link between the spiritual and the physical world. The soul does not have the ego's feelings and senses. The soul cannot feel the loneliness so the ego can. The soul's challenge is to accommodate the ego's experience and painful sense of loneliness. The procedure is not to medicate the symptoms, expel it or therapeutically understand it, the procedure is to disband it. You disband the loneliness by placing yourself in it, accepting that it is a challenge to the ego and that the soul enters into the experience by establishing itself as the life moderator. From that moment in my life where I felt the loneliness so intolerable that I understood I had to do something, a lot changed for me. My way was to recognize the soul I am, as the life moderator and therefore the ego mentor. I allowed myself as a soul to keep the ego aligned to me as a small child. I set the ego free from the task of knowing loneliness and thanking the ego for having tried in its way to provide for me. By converting solitude into loneliness, the body was freed from the pain that came from a stressed ego. Independency What am I trying to tell? I try to tell that loneliness is an experience that belongs to a part of human consciousness that accompanies the physical body's "management system", what I call ego. Humans are neither their physical bodies nor their ego, humans are spiritual souls who carry out a mission for the expanding universe. People can free themselves from the ego's dominance. This is what I understand with a "clerk choose to feel lonely". People can choose to understand their experience of loneliness, enter it and dissolve it, from a far more advanced level of awareness. This is what I mean by "the master choose to be alone". The road from loneliness to the dissolution of loneliness, for me, went through acknowledging that I could choose to direct the light into the dark. The light does not dispel the darkness, nor is it with my loneliness, it does not disappear, but it is enlightened by my decision to accept my state of solitude and so give my self access to independency.  By deciding to convert my experience of loneliness into an acknowledgment of being in solitude, I took the step into independency. The one who is alone is freed. Hope hope to meet  you in my next text in a week. All my best to you Jon

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