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June 15, 2018 | Jon Mostad

The first of the three complex megatrends I relate to in my construction of «Futures of Man», is Immaterialization.

«Futures of Man» is a construction I do, to accommodate my ideas about the development of awareness and mind. Futures of Man is an evolutionary oasis; a meeting place for ideas, texts, illustrations, videos, events, teachings and a gallery.

Blogtexts, Facebook posts and microprocessing of poetry at Instagram will in the future highlight the theme «Futures of Man». In the long term, you can order artwork of blog texts, Quotes, Captions, attend events and collect items initiated for the theme.

Feel free to follow my daily Quotes and Captions related to the weekly theme, on Instagram @mostadjon.

Now - let's go to the theme of this blog - what is immaterialization?

Immaterialization is a megatrend and it indicates the development of new phenomenological and cognitive futures for humans. Immaterialization is the shift of mindset from a physical to a metaphysical imaginary world. Immaterialization tells of an imminent encounter between the physical reality image of natural science and the spiritual reality image of the spiritual science. Humans must understand and prepare for Immaterialization, one of the three keys to the futures of man.

Immaterialization is a strong driver of processes that lead our ideas from product to experience. This megatrend contributes to creating new needs, new focus and new patterns of action. Our world as it is imagined with the mind will be more abstract. How will such a world look and what does it expect from the individual?

Humans that turns the back to materialization and opens for immaterialization must necessarily be very different from what we have previously related to and imagined.

How will humans define reality in an intangible world?

Three paradigms consisting of complex constructions, almost like pelagic plates slide on a core of spiritual evolution, are pushing the intangible world towards us. What are these three paradigms?

* The first paradigm is about the fact that spiritual science (knowledge of spirit) and natural science (knowledge of the measurable nature) will meet each other and complement each other's great stories.

* The second paradigm is that causality (ethics, aesthetics and spirituality) as a 5th dimension in the understanding and experience of the room (where time is part) will be an expanded part of our consciousness. We will begin to understand that love is a creative universal math and that it can be formulated.

* The third paradigm is about the development of artificial intelligence and its capacity to become self-taught and empathetic in it`s expression, with the capacity for analysis and prediction that will surpass humans.

A paradigm is a frame of content through which we understand reality. These three major paradigms of immaterialization will lead us to think and act in patterns and with a content that must be constructed from an unknown perspective. In the blogs that come, I will reflect on the three major paradigms of immaterialization, from three practical perspectives:

* Relationships - our way of developing and being in relationship to each other will change

* Learning - our way of developing expertise will change

* Organization - our way of organizing work will change

Immaterialization is defined by future researchers as a mega trend, but we could as well say that it is a side of our evolution, like technological development. Immaterialization, as we understand it today, is a warning that our phenomenological right brain is woken to its next and announced developmental level.

More to come.


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