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November 24, 2017 | Jon Mostad

In the coming week no 48, my Instagram posts will reflect on Hindrances - friend or foe?. I do the reflections through quotes and captions, linked to illustrative images. Feel free to follow me on

In a moment of light, I realized that hindrances are something I better live through, than defeat. Hindrances are not something to be removed. I think I became wiser at the moment.


We learn that hindrances must be defeated, fought and deconstructed. The language we use to describe and remove hindrances is the language of the war. I know the language of the war well. When hindrances become enemies through the language of war, we separate ourselves. Obstacles are not them or me, they are me. When I remove myself from my hindrances, I remove a significant part of myself.


In my book "Dawn - A new way to self-construction and expanded consciousness," I write about self-construction for future times. In this text i write about hindrances as a part of self-construction. I write about how we can transform them into opportunities. The process is meditative and very effective.

A soul sent to Earth for reincarnation, is prepared. It knows that the Earth is a dark and heavy planet. It knows that the Earth is developing from dark to light. The soul's mission is to contribute to the sanctification of the Earth. Reincarnation on Earth is a burdensome task that requires a physical body, which in turn requires a sensible and emotional personality, an ego.

Ego is developed in a physical reality that is not yet enlightened.

The physical reality is "immature" and "dark." The darkness is like a stage where the reality of enlightened Spirit is hidden.The soul's task is to pull the stagecape aside. By penetrating the darkness with light, the soul raises matter to spirit.

We know this state of matter through physical fatigue, emotional wounds and mental pain. Based on past life experiences and the purpose of this incarnation, the hindrances are different to one and each of us. Hindrances are teachers agreed for our meeting with the Earth. Their task is to teach us to send light into the darkness. Hindrances are like schooling. For each grade we will pass the exam, and build on to the next step. Hindrances are like uphill or weights like when a body is to be trained. Resistance develops strength and energy. Resistance builds the body. The soul's challenge is to penetrate the matter, to enlighten it with spirit. This is the way of preparation.

The physical world is slow, heavy and dark. It offers hindrances.

To build knowledge, peace and love on an immature planet, the soul will develop strategies for encountering hindrances. The soul knows to meet the hindrances like a mother or a father meets a child who tests his boundaries. The soul takes an enormous burden on accepting the incarnation. The soul is a light worker with a sacred mission. Therefore, no hindrances are the enemy of the soul, but the teacher and friend. The hindrances attract the light of the soul. This way the stage will be pulled aside and release the matter from its veil.

The sensible, socially-designed and emotional body, seeks pleasure. Distance from pain and proximity to desire. This gives integration with the illusion, with what is obscured and false. The hindrances are the possibilities to avoid such a practice by inviting the soul to act towards its purpose. When you turn the focus from what an hindrance takes, to what it provide, you transform 180 degrees, an so called enemy, to a friend.

This is to illuminate your task on Earth.


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