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December 29, 2017 | Jon Mostad

I will write about globality and think; what can this be about?

In the coming week no 01-2018, my Instagram posts will reflect on globality. I do the reflections through quotes and captions, linked to illustrative images. Feel free to follow me on is responding: a state or condition of global relevance or impact; universality, totality. I like this definition. It makes sense directly into my text. My background for writing about globality is about a forceless leadership language. In a major work I have done, I have written body and content into a forceless language for use in future relationships. The language has three modalities, that is, forms of action. The one form of action is globality, which is given the function of being the physical power of the language. The second form of action is ecology, which is given the function of being the language of sustainability. The third form of action is femininity, which is given the function of being the language of implementation.

Globality as physical power, manifested in a forceless language, how do I think?

We have succeeded in evolving from being a handful of human-like beings, to being a population of almost 8 billion. We have conquered all continents of the globe. The brain is designed to make the sharpest analysis and shape the most beautiful art. We stick with the conqueror, the warrior and the creator's brain. The language we speak supports the conqueror and the warrior's purpose. So far, the brain's device and language function have been our most important tools for success. Then the party ends here. People's challenge in the future is to replace conquest with consolidation and war with peace. We will change the mind and speak a new language.

In the language of the future, people speak with the absence of force. The language no longer controls the grammar of force.

When I removed the grammar of force from the spoken language, force as physical power was replaced by another factor that creates a similar result, but now with consolidation and peace as the focus. I chose the delta of the three modalities of globality, ecology and femininity. Each of the modalities will be presented in this and coming blogs, and presented on Instagram with Quotes and Captions, which illustrates.

Globality represents the physical power of the language. Note that I use the term power. The universe and therefore nature develop through source, not force. I seek nature's own modality for the universal figurative influence. When we speak globality, we create a linguistic context where the focus exceeds the object of the conversation. I will try to be more concrete. Let me say I'm talking to you or about you. When I speak globality, I change all my knowledge about you in to the context, with all my respectful knowledge of you. I speak to you and about you as greater than the specific role you hold in the specific conversation.

Still not clear? I will try to be even clearer.

Imagine that you need help and depend on the help of others. In a situation where we rely on help, we can quickly feel degraded to a "number"; an "object for help". If I were the one to help you, I would talk globality to you. By seeking to change your world of experience, your dignity and your resources created in the context you mastered before you came to me, into the ongoing discourse between you and me, I will use the language as power. From such a focus, I will use the global modality to challenge you in to responsibility and mediation of ownership of the situation. If I, through such a linguistic intervention by engagement and empowerment, would have succeeded, I would know that the language of globality has been into action.

Am I clear now?

Globality is about that nothing is more valuable to me, than you.


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