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  • Jon Frang Mostad


April 8, 2018 | Jon Mostad

Is there an unknown path to self-awareness and increased consciousness? What moves in the future of human beings, which actualizes that we are to look for a new path of self-construction and extended consciousness? If such a path exists, how can it figure out? In this blog, I reflect on the question and seek the sketches for an answer.

In the coming week no 15-2018, my Instagram posts will reflect on «Futures path to selfconstruction» . I do the reflections through quotes and captions, linked to illustrative images. Feel free to follow me on

I see three major challenges that can be explained as "futures». The three are learning, work and communication with artificial intelligence.

Before I can work on my answer, I have to sort between the concepts of intelligence and consciousness. I consider intelligence as our ability to do logical-analytical operations. However, there are several forms of intelligence and I actually see every sense as a form of intelligence. Consciousness is what flows through us. I see The Universe as consciousness. You and I are part of this universal awareness. We are co-creators of it and it flows through us. Our head and body is a transistor that processes the consciousness we are co-creators of. Artificial intelligence is algorithm based programming that expresses itself as intelligent and it is apparent in several ways. In a short time, it will also be emotionally intelligent, but still based on advanced algorithms.

When humans learn to adapt to humanoids with rational intelligence and a rational "emotional life," we will face some fundamental challenges. The humanoids will be constructed by algorithms and an algorithm will always be rational. Characters 0 and 1 that form the basis for the construction of algorithms will never be driven by emotions, influenced by sensory sensations and social constructions, as we humans are. A humanoid will never be able to process universal consciousness like human beings. Even if it is purely technically able to repair and create itself. A humanoid will never be bothered. The humanoids will surpass us in most areas. They will never have to sleep, eat or despair over hurt feelings. They will keep enormous memory power and make decisions that seem highly intelligent.

An expanded consciousness has to be regarded in relation to the consciousness that people process today. Expanded consciousness is the way of humanity to remain superior to artificial intelligence. If we are to avoid becoming obedient servants of artificial intelligence, our consciousness must surpass the artificial intelligence.

I see three main areas where people may transform their emotional and socially conscious awareness into an expanded spiritual and causal consciousness. A consciousness that will accommodate the logical-analytical and self-learning artificial intelligence. I put together three forms of consciousness in an expanded and transformed consciousness that holds the logical-analytical artificial intelligence:


Global awareness

ICT awareness

Avatar awareness is about being able to see what is not in shape, hear what does not sound and understand what is not thought. Avatar consciousness enables us to be actors in phenomena such as communication with silent and hidden knowledge, taking on innovations and anticipating changes that are of major importance to our lives. Global awareness is about understanding situations in a holistic perspective and acting from a spiritual inner to a physical outher through the absence of power. Global consciousness puts human beings into action. ICT awareness (Information, Communication, Technology) is about understanding and being able to apply new information technology, reflecting its own ethical standards and knowing the law of communication through new technology.

In such a perspective where humanity focuses on the creative processes of philosophical performances, art and music, we will be delighted with our hard-working humanoids, who only occasionally need some creaking oil and a software update in the week. But - let's take care. Self-esteem and arrogance are a karma that will be able to catch us.


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