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June 9, 2018 | Jon Mostad

Does man have a future? Does humanity have different futures? Does human beings have the opportunity to choose and change futures?

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Futures of Man

Futures of Man is an oasis of reflection under development; a meeting ploint for ideas, texts, illustrations, videos, events, teaching and a gallery. Futures of Man is established in Aarhus, Denmark, and seen on the website (under construction). Pay attention!

Blogtexts, Facebook posts and micropoetry at Instagram will in the future highlight the theme Futures of Man. In the long term, you can order artwork of blog texts, Quotes, Captions, attend events and collect items initiated for the theme. In a short time, I will launch the Futures of Man website where you can read more about the concept.

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What is future?

Future is something we all have to deal with, most people talk about and the fewest do something about.

The future comes across and always in plural!. The future is disruptive. That is, it crushes beliefs, methods and actions we cling to. The future is driven by megatrends. Mega means big and trend means turning. The future is driven by major and strong development trends. To some extent, these can be predicted. Therefore, through analyzes and choices, we can understand future developments. As we can predict future times, we can also choose among them. We can create future images, choose the desired future image and attract the wanted future. This sounds a little metaphysical, what? Possible, but futures researchers is working this way.

Megatrends and futures

I have great pleasure in future research. Analytically and logically researchers assess data and build explanatory grids. Future researchs produce knowledge about megatrends. In constructing the concept Futures of Man, I choose three megatrends as drivers of human development: Immaterialization, Polarization and Acceleration and Complexity. I could have chosen others, such as Globalization, Technology and Knowledge.

What is the reason why I have chosen Immaterialization, Polarization and Acceleration and Complexity as the most important drivers of human futures? In blog posts, I will present my view by reflecting on each of the trends. Here I give a brief and preliminary presentation.


Is the first of the three complex megatrends I relate to in my construction of Futures of Man. The megatrend indicates the development of new phenomenological and cognitive futures for humans. Immaterialization is the shift of mindset from a physical to a metaphysical imaginary world. Immaterialization tells of an imminent encounter between the physical reality image of natural science and the spiritual reality image of the spiritual science. Humans must understand and prepare for Immaterialization to keep on their evolution, to avoid to be left behind.


Is the other of the three major megatrends that promises new futures for us. Polarization is the mega trend that drives people and processes in opposite directions. In the same way as the Universe expands with a rate at which even the light eventually does not come along, the distance between human understanding of the world will increase. People will have to learn to understand each other as strangers and find forms of communication across values, imaginations and experiences. Perhaps one of man's foremost skills will be the ability to understand and deal with inequalities?

Acceleration and complexity

Is the third megatrend I use as a reference for my future images. Acceleration expresses the change rate of an object versus time. Acceleration in the context of Futures of Man is the function of human phenomenological and cognitive displacement, in relation to the position of human being. People are in the imaginary worlds (positions) and leave them in favor of new imagination worlds (new positions). The time (speed) the person uses on the move increases. This is acceleration in my context. Complexity expresses what is composed of inequalities and appears as a whole. Complexity in terms of phenomena and mental performances can be understood by how psychology analyzes and reads the language's ability to emphasize affections. That is, the way how language is a tool in which emotions and beliefs bind together in complex future images. Do we need new futures languages to cope with an expanded awareness?

In the meeting of these three megatrends, I will initially formulate my further ideas about the Futures of Man.

Blog texts and Instagram poetry that come will reflect on topics like:

* Technology and future

* Natural science meets the Science of spirit

* A 5-dimensional awareness

and much more!

Welcome to join


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