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  • Jon Frang Mostad


What do you associate with the future of man?

Many people associate the future of Man with the climate crisis and are deeply worried about the future of mankind. This may be a good reason. What else can you relate to the theme of "the future of man"? We'd love to hear your ideas and help share them.

«Futures Of Man» builds a global network of positive thoughts about the future of man. We invite you to send us your thoughts in the form of texts, films, pictures and other things that you find hope and joy in. We will share our blog and our own thoughts with you, and invite you to a discussion. We will link to you and highlight you. Take the opportunity to have your voice heard.

The future of man may be hidden in the mystery of man. Where did man come from and where is it going? Man is possibly the most complex and in many ways the most advanced way of life in the solar system - can the mystery of man be hidden in man himself? Should the mystery of the future of man be solved by man travels inward in his own developmental history? If so, how does such a journey happen?

«Futures Of Man» believes in the future of man - otherwise the forum would not have been developed. The challenge, both for the individual human being and for a network like us, is to be on a constant upbringing journey in understanding human function in the Universe. By seeking deeper understanding of man's place and function, and by being active in influencing his own evolution, man can participate in the development of more than his own personal life.

We know that many people «out there» are asking themselves «is this all?». If life consists «only» of impulses, feelings and duties, what kind of life is then evolving? Futures Of Man is of the opinion that life is so much more, but this is what the individual person should find out. Just being an explorer in your own life is part of the dedication it is to be human.

What are your thoughts and dreams about our opinion?

Use the link to our Facebook community page and give us your contribution. You can also follow us on Instagram and give us your contributions that way.

We look forward to adding you as part of the Futures Of Man network!

PS - did you know that the ancient Egyptians believed life to rise from the primordial sea Nun - as our science of nature explain all life to rise from water ....?


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