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January 25, 2019 | Jon Mostad

Listen to what does not sound, see what’s not in shape, understand what’s not thought.

Humans of the future? I have a vision of future humans I want to share with you. If our thoughts meet, I might be on track. In my blog you will find thoughts with spiritual themes that focus on selfawareness and expanded consciousness. That my themes are "spiritual" means that I sense them with a sense device that is expanded in relation to the 5 senses that frame the physical world of humans. Humans 5 physical senses are perfect receptors for the stay and movement in an earthly 3D world. These 5 senses give humans a picture of the world, a limited image. The spiritual world is infinitely much larger than a 3D perception.

This is what my blog is about - the extended world, the spiritual world.

Future humans

What thoughts do you have about the future? Curious? Worried? Optimist? I can follow you at all, but most of all I'm curious and optimistic. I am an optimist because I am fundamentally convinced that the universe does not waste resources. Man is the result of an evolutionary story that has lasted for over 14 billion years, and this journey will last for an infinity of time. Should you and I reflect on the humans of the future, we will give ourselves a long development perspective. We should also imagine that the future that comes to us can have many faces. The future is not one, it's many. These futures come surprisingly and they are disruptive, that is, they overflow what we see as safe and familiar. They replace the old and leave new. The person who is prepared will take part in the journey. Those who are unprepared can get a huge surprise.

I blog about the future and the mega trends that shape development. Check out my texts and find perspectives where I go deeper into the theme of the future.

Humans of the future warns a long perspective. I wish in this reflection with you to look beyond what existing megatrends from future researchers tell us. I want to reflect on man and a humanity that stretches infinitely far beyond yours and my timeline.

Artificial intelligence

Humans of 2019 are worried about Co2 and an inseparable climate change. I'm sure the concern is justified. Nevertheless, another development is more worrying about me and it is about what position and role that artificial intelligence will take. This is where I see the human challenge in the short and long term, and people do not seem to prepare for it.

Artificial intelligence will be analytical, rational and empathic, It will occur in human like bodies as humanoids, and it will be programmed to understand how man unconsciously communicates energetically through his chakras. I am writing texts about this.

Humans of the future have learned to surpass the artificial intelligence by expanding their consciousness. It is this expanded consciousness I will reflect upon with you.

Think with your heart and feel with your head

Man's way to master the artificial intelligence and thus conquer the futures that come, is by the expansion of human consciousness. Human consciousness as it works today is limited. Its mission is to orient humanity into a 3D world, that is, a world measured in length, width and height.

The European philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) developed his pedagogical ideas based on the author and philosopher Johan Wolfgang Goethe's (1749-1832) epistemology (theory of understanding) and his recognition of thinking as a sense organ in line with the eye, the ear and the other senses. For Steiner, thinking was the path to a spiritual insight, and he stated that a time should come in the evolution where Man "thinks with the heart and feels with the head."

What does it mean to "think with your heart and feel with your head"?

The heart is usually associated with being "centered for love" and the head is usually associated with being "centered for the analysis". Is the path of humans to "think through love" and "feel through analytics"? Are we touching Steiner's great idea - the meeting between the science of nature and science of spirit? A holistic science united in love and analysis? In such a science, nature and spirit are united in one performance.

When man "think with the heart" what then? Will love be the domain of thought? Will all human thoughts be driven by love? I think such a perspective is exciting and it raises a question: - What is love in this picture?

When Man "feels with his head" what then? Will sensitivity be the domain of thoughts? Will all people's thoughts be driven by sensitivity to all that's created? What is sensitivity in this picture?

Goethe's epistemology and his view of the thoughts as a sensory organ and Steiner's understanding of the thought as the key to the spiritual world, is the framework of my reflections together with you.

What do you think so far?


Will future people be avatars in their own lives? I've been wearing such a vision for a long time, but what's an avatar? You may remember the American science fiction and action movie "Avatar" from 2009? A magnificent adventure movie that plays on the planet "Pandora". Is is possible that the film has a core of truth? Does it carry on a picture of future we should look into?

Avatar (from Sanskrit) is in the Vedic (Hindu) narratives an embodiment of God. In different forms, God / gods can incarnate in a bodily form like animal or human. God/gods descends to Earth to intervene in the evolution of life.The impression that a higher spiritual idea "descends" to "interfere" is an image that captures great fascination.

The future that comes to humankind will be created by megatrends, today we can only shine the outlines. I write about these megatrends and you find them by searching in my blog posts. These megatrends create futures that will be very different from those we see today. The technological development will create prerequisites for unknown future images that people will have to deal with.

People will have to "descend" and "intervene" in their own lives, to obtain the place in the evolution that man desires for his life. The human strategy of control over own evolution goes through becoming an avatar of their own lives. To this task, man needs a different and expanded consciousness than the ancestor. Man should be able to see worlds with a multi-dimensional and expanded senses.

Which ones?

The unknown senses

What senses will make people's consciousness different from what it is today? I look for senses that are of such a nature that they will make a paradigmatically change in consciousness that characterizes Man today. The physical senses of Man make possible the navigation in a 3D physical world. However, this 3D world is only a limited and simplified version of reality. An extended reality will includes the sensation of the mental 4D and intuitive 5D world. These two worlds are "hidden" and therefore invisible to man with his limiting senses to day.

Listen to what does not sound, see what’s not in shape, understand what’s not thought

These are the three avatar qualities I dare to set up as a framework for a new and expanded awareness for humans. The properties will enable humans to navigate in an extended perception of reality, communicate in higher frequency relationships, and learn from each other through learning modes that no artificial intelligence will ever be near.

Hear what does not sound

The human hearing sounds in the frequency range from about 20 Hertz (Hz) to 20,000 Hz. The hearing includes the perception of sound, the sensation of sound waves and pressure waves. Sounds that fall outside the frequency range can be perceived by other living beings, but not by humans. Therefore, I can say that there is a reality of sounds outside the human area. Seems reasonable?

Future man will be able to "hear" by bodily sensations, emotions, mental performances, etc. By "hearing what does not sound" the human world will expands and a greater reality will opens.

See what's not in shape

The human body sees light in a limited frequency range, and the retina sensor cells are most sensitive to light between 400 and 700 nanometers (nm). The light contains energy transmitted from what is observed. Light falling outside the frequency range can be perceived by other living beings, but not by humans. As with hearing, I can say that there is a reality of visual impression that is not covered by human perceptions.

The humans of the future will be able to "see" with an extended hearing, sensitivity, intuition, etc. By "seeing what is not in shape", people will have access to reality that is closed out of the eye but that exists in parallel to the 3D world the people are moving in.

Understand what is not thought

Human consciousness is a mystery. Mainstream science sees the one created by the brain, but the explanation loses credibility. Systems theory and quantum physics shows the brain more like a tool for awareness than the body that itself creates consciousness. Science today is no stranger to the fact that the universe itself is consciousness. In several of my texts you will find reflections of consciousness. Those reflections may be in support of of what you read here.

The idea that the human beings of the future can "understand what is not thought" is a pictorial expression. Man will be able to develop his mental skills to send and counter cognitive (imaginary) ideas in the form of energies. This can take the form of advanced thought transitions that are characteristic of beings, both thought and not thought as this skill copes with time as space, not as line.

The humans of the future will be able to "understand" with an expanded mental and causal (intuitive) feature. By "understanding what is not thought," humans will be able to analyze and understand relationships that are unknown to the other. People with this skill will also understand what the environment has not yet thought, as these thoughts have not yet come to consciousness in the surroundings.

The human of the future

The human being of the future must be an avatar in his own life. This becomes a necessity so man still can be able to rule over the artificial intelligence, to find his spiritual life purpose, and to develop the Earth from a dark to a bright planet. Man himself must be active in his evolution. All opportunities are available.

Through the characteristics that I outline in this text, man will be able to "play" an active role in his own incarnation and thus acquire himself a greater life.

If you ask me how the Avatar properties can be developed, I'll say - contact me for further insight.

See you in my next text!


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