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February 17, 2019 | Jon Mostad

Act from your spiritual inner I through purity in motive, closeness in relations and infinity in beauty for the other. How is it possible for a dandelion to break through thick layers of asphalt, stretch to the sun and let the wind pass its genes further after life is lived? What is the dandelion knowing that man does not know? All nature extends toward the sun and lets the wind carry its genes further when life is at it’s end. Nature knows something most people do not know and I want to reflect on what people do not know. My journey "from force to source» began with wonder over the ability of nature to act through non-action. I understood that the tree does not grow from the roots as I imagined. The tree is bound to the ground by strong roots, but grows from the edge of its outer leaf where it touches the sun's particles carried by the wind's breath. Nature grows through source, not force. The theme of this week's blog is about how people, as part of nature, can move through the life from a spiritual inner free from force, to a manifested physical outer. Within a spiritual life, all force is dissolved. Weekly I post a text PM 0700 CET (Central European Time) on my website and share it on Facebook. In the following week I use my profile @mostadjon on Instagram to go deeper into the theme via quotes and captions. You can subscribe freely to my texts and have them delivered directly to your email. Let's look at the week's text together. The mystery of the mystery How the universe and thus nature expands is a mystery. I have been looking for an insight for many years. For a long time I took the mechanical-physical world explanation for granted and asked few questions. Eventually this explanation became insufficient for me. The universe and nature could not be a mechanical drive that functioned after limited physical laws of "force multiplied by arm." The road to an extended understanding became long. You can read several of my texts and find my discoveries described in different perspectives. When I realized that the human body (skeleton, muscles, tendons, nerves, and veins) was only one of several bodies, I began to make a deeper understanding. I learned to understand that the physical body is surrounded by an energetic (energy) body and this body makes the physical body alive. Without an energy body, the physical body dies and disintegrates. I learned about the astral (emotional) body, about the mental and the intuitive. The human body is physical, energetic, astral, mental and intuitive. Each body encloses one another, has its sensory systems and energy centers. A wonderful creature. The nine physical expressions of the soul Do you feel comfortable using the term "soul"? The term soul is not easy to explain tolerant and many try. I will not spend time and space in this text to reflect on the term soul. You can find more of my reflections on the term if you search in my texts. From ancient Egyptian sources, we know that the Pharaoh's scientific religion knew nine natural forces where Chi (Qi) (energy) take shape in man. The Egyptians built the "Temple of Man" (Temple of Luxor) as a manifestation of the human body where it reflects star constellations in the sky and where the nine physical expressions of the soul were built into the temple's construction. What did the ancient Egyptians know about, and which we are partially rediscovering today? The nine physical expressions of the soul were known by the Egyptians as laws of nature. These laws of nature acted as part of their mystery doctrine and it was only given as a part of inauguration of the neophytes for not being abused. The human energy body has nine forms of expression and each human being is the soul manifest in one of the nine physical expressions. Each of the nine laws of nature gives the soul its physical expression and the expressions follow the soul's journey throughout life to it's end. We are born with a manifest expression and stay in this manifestation as long as life extends. Each expression gives the soul a unique experience in its journey on Earth. You can read more about these nine forms of expression by clicking on the website What is Chi? Chi - which I best can give the name The Birth Giving Source of The Universe is known to us through acupuncture, chiropractic, various martial arts such as Aikido, etc. Common to these insights is that they "talk to" and "cooperate with" this source of the universe. Acupuncture, chiropractic and Aikido (and I can give you more examples) have in common that they heal and move without the need for using force. By moving in conjunction with the birth giving source of the universe, man can heal himself and move objects without using raw muscle force. I myself have experienced Chi this way. I have received acupuncture and have lowered my blood pressure which was temporarily high due to stress, strengthened my immune system against allergy, directed a back injury by manipulation of my energetic spine (not the spine of bone but of energy) and I have thrown more than my own body weight without using forceful power of the muscles. If I had not experienced these things myself, I would probably be skeptical. My inner self The life of a physical body is for the most part a life in separation from the spiritual body. We learn to understand, move and construct in a 3D physical world. The procedure is governed by instincts, DNA and a sensory shaped personality where the strategy is the use of skeleton, muscles and will-controlled force. We can see the result by turning around in our surroundings. The world we live in and reproduce is in most ways a limited and  physical constructed world. What we do not know is that there is an inherent inner world, a spiritual world, and it works without the use of force. People can be revealed to the knowledge that they can move from their spiritual Inherent I through the absence of force. When humans deals with a pure motive - that is, in the absence of inflicting on the surroundings a purpose that is not it’s own, in closeness of the other - that is, with sensitivity to what the other's wishes may be and with infinity in beauty for the other - that is, meeting the other without prejudice, they act from a forceless Inherent I.  From force to source The moment you leave the understanding of the world as a mechanical construction where ego-driven will and muscles are the driving force and you understand the world as a spiritual image that moves itself, you have transformed your consciousness from force to source. From this new perspective, as the dandelion, you will be able to penetrate thick layers of asphalt against your union with the sun and let your wisdom spread with the wind. Jon

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