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March 29, 2019 | Jon Mostad

«Accommodation has occurred when your wounds don’t manage your actions» (@mostadjon)      Welcome to my blog. Every Friday CET (Central European Time) PM 07, I post a text. In the year 2019, the weekly text is an in-depth study of my quotes that was posted in 2017 or 2018. You’ll see an example of a quote above. I further expand my weekly text by posting new quotes and captions on Instagram. You'll find me on Instagram as @mostadjon. I seek an understanding of spirituality and extended consciousness. My reflections are about linking old mystery traditions and future scenarios to humans. The notion that humans are handed a knowledge of the cosmos, of a civilization we do not know today but can indirectly know by traces in the great mystery traditions, gives me meaning and opportunity. I combine this knowledge with reflections through new scientific discoveries, and the technological evolution of artificial intelligence. In this way, I create images that I "paint" with words. The blogs and texts on Instagram are my exercise in both creating my own life more evolved and developing my ability to shape a "micro-poetry» which I adapt on new media platforms. I have a dream - and it's about the next step in the development of my work. The dream is about creating ideas like these I outline here, in complex expressions with artists in the field of picture, film, music, etc. In such meetings my text can be combined with other people's images and expressions, and be presented with support from short lectures and reflections in short work shops. If the Universe wants, it will be so. "Dawn" - a spiritual path to new self-awareness and expanded consciousness In my work with people who for a long time have been afflicted with various symptoms of low energy, muscle pain, insomnia, etc., in collaboration with doctors, psychologists, chiropractors and others, I have tried to make new paths to healing. I have seen the body's painful symptoms and the confusion of mind, as a language from a spiritual level in the body. I have thought that "the ego speaks through the mouth, the soul speaks through pain". I see a contradiction between a sensory shaped and socially constructed ego with a center in the "head" and a soul on a spiritual mission with a center in the "heart". You can find more texts in my blog, where I reflect on this performance and explain it. Feel free to explore my texts and feel free to contact me. "Dawn" is a program I have spent many years of my life portraying as an insight, working method, and education. Everything is described in the book with the same name and is currently only in a Norwegian version. Nor should I say so much about "Dawn" in this text, since I have written my own texts about the performance and the working methods. Though, I will carefully outline some important points. Dawn is the transition between night and day. The night is "the little death" where the physical body rests and is cleansed. The day is "the great birth" where the body awakens and starts a new journey. The picture is consistent with ancient Egyptian mythology, where the day "died" and reincarnated in its purified form by sunrise. In my explanation, dawn is a metaphor between a life in the dark and a life in the light. I also use «the birds' song» as an important metaphor for the transition between darkness and light. Before we glimpse the first of the sun's rays, the birds sing the song that a new day is underway. I see the body's indexing of pain as "the birds' song". The soul speaks through the body's pain that time has come for a change from night to day. The ego blocks for the purpose of the soul. If the soul is to succeed in its spiritual purpose, it shall find ways to the physical reality and to this task the soul needs a body. Between ego and soul arises a contradiction like pain. "Dawn" dissolves the contradiction through a spiritual process and releases the soul for its purpose. A process of »Dawn" occurs mainly through three stages. The first stage of the process I give the name "Awareness". It is in a state of awareness that you listen to the body's pain and understand pains as the "song of the birds", a warning that one night is coming to its end and another day is about to be born. The process by which you through "Dawn" find your soul's "three faces" (your spiritual triad), your Life's purpose and the obstacles that delay your liberation, do I call "Awakening". It is in the third phase that you free yourself from forces that block your spiritual purpose and the phase is named "Accommodation". It is at this stage that my text starts this week. Let me take a closer look at "Accommodation". Accommodation Accommodation is about "space" and «hosting». You can be on holiday and seek accommodation for you and your travel companions. I think the word fits well for my spiritual purpose. Accommodation in a spiritual development program such as "Dawn" involves accommodating the great edition of yourself so you can grow and find your stages of development. In order to accommodate the great edition of yourself, you must unite with it. From being "two" you become "one". The process is not about destroying your ego, fighting or suppressing it. The process is about being bigger than that. To accommodate the ego, you also have to experience situations that pain and suppress your self-understanding. This is what accommodation is all about. You are a soul that needs a body You are a soul that has a physical experience. Most people do not think so. Most people think that they are a body and that life is the physical reality of life. From time to time, some may find that they have a spiritual experience, such as when something beautiful happens. If you choose to look at life as a spiritual journey rather than a physical journey alone, you will need to accommodate a much larger "you". Spiritual teaching is often about the "contradiction" between ego and soul. I don't see life that way. Human life needs an ego, a form of GPS in a physical dimension. Great knowledge is hidden in understanding what ego is, how it works and how you can get help to maneuver effectively in life. The benefit of the ego is greatest for you who can make your ego the object of your own reflections, thereby making choices from a spiritual perspective. The soul's task is expressed abstractly and shall find its form in action. Here comes the ego as a guide. When your body pains You are not your body, nor are you your ego, you are a soul on a spiritual mission. Such a claim may seem strange and provocative. If you are able to open yourself to the spiritual notion, you will gain yourself access to a larger world. When I work on mapping human life's purpose and the obstacles that limit from reaching this, most obstacles are often about different kinds of physical and mental pain. Normally, people (at least in the West) treat their physical and mental pain through treatment of symptoms. Is there another way? I am not a doctor and should express myself carefully. I would always recommend my clients to consult a doctor to find the best possible treatment that is approved and recommended by the community to which they belong. In addition to a medical and psychological treatment, I also recommend seeking relief through a spiritual approach. I am fascinated by the statement "the problem is not part of the solution". Therefore, I rarely work to "solve the problem". I explore how the situation looks when the problem is no longer present and helps my clients to attract this situation. This is entirely in accordance with the principles of humanistic psychology and pedagogy. The approach is also spiritual, as it works in harmony with the Law of Attraction. I call the working method of "mental intervention" as the idea is both scalpel, medicine and psychology. By attracting solution to an obstacle, the obstacle dissolves. This is what I call to «accommodate pains and wounds". The pain can be resolved by the attraction of solutions and the wounds can be allowed to grow. Freedom from wounds Pain and wounds are still part of the life of a physical body, on a planet with a heavy atmosphere, and a life defined by a sensory device that measures length, width and height. Man has to understand the physical life constructed in this way. Beyond such an almost deterministic understanding, the possibilities open up by exploring and awakening the spiritual senses that give access to the causal world - a world that is not limited by length, width and height. Freedom from wounds takes place by accepting the pains and wounds, then accommodate them while the healing is ongoing. By dissolving and hosting pains and wounds, you get access to freedom.  Jon

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