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May 3, 2018 | Jon Mostad

Do I have the opportunity to escape the known, and why should I?

I am deeply inspired by the late Indian philosopher and teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti. I use this blog to think through his idea of «​​freedom from the known». His thoughts are relevant to me and inspire me to create ideas that draw me in new directions.

In the coming week no 18-2018, my Instagram posts will reflect on «Freedom from the known» . I do the reflections through quotes and captions, linked to illustrative images. Feel free to follow me on

By reading and reflecting on the teachings of Vedic and Buddhist texts, I have woken up to two basic recognitions. At first I wake up by understanding my thoughts was of the past and the use of the past? Then I understood that I meet the future with the lamp on my back and what kind of idea is this? I have for long time understood and relied on the fact that I’m driven by instincts, created by emotions and ruled by social constructions. All well suited to a life I've lived, but what about the life I'm going to live? The part of life that will occur - from here onwards?

The Indian teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti provides an enlightening introduction to how humanity in the quest for the divine to find the answer to the secret of life, has ended with despair, misgivings and corruptible explanations in the form of different religions, concepts and patterns for a way of life that would give freedom from the unknown. In this way, humanity has come into the known and from there we find no way back to freedom represented by the unknown. We are trapped in cages of our own minds arrested by ourselves as thresholders. Victims of our own security needs, ingrained mental performances and society's need for control, we are virtually unsuitable to free us from the prison of the past to become the big edition of ourselves that we are set up to be. Just this theme of freedom from the known is a mindset I am very aware of. I meet it myself and I meet it within people I seek to help free themselves from the known. In blogs I have written and in blogs that I’ll write, I discuss how we humans hinder themselves from taking part in evolution.

An acknowledgment that helps me and may also be comforting for you, is that if I had not seen and thought that a way to freedom was possible, I would not mind writing this texts.

I can see that we humans are facing new fundamental developmental challenges. Evolutionary leaving the world of dreams and starting the long journey where we humans developed our logical analytical and scientifically brain, we will once again be awakened to lift our old dreaming and phenomenologically brain to a new level of development. Development of technology has brought us so far that we today create artificial intelligence. Humans meet robots and humanoids who will surpass our ability to remember, analyze and draw logical conclusions. Humanoids will also appear to be emotional in a few years. In many ways, humanoids will appear as they have a soul. Everything is created by logically-analytical algorithms that are limited by themselves, but also will figure to develop themselves. The future of Man may seems uncertain in such a picture. If we humans continue to hold on to the known, the artificial intelligence will surpass us. Krishnamurti's "Freedom from the Known" is almost prophetic, even though he transformed before the Web and Google was a reality.

One of the great currents we can analyze and understand as a sign from the future is Immaterialization. You can understand immaterialization as the flow of social relationships and the physical nature of work life. The changes are about an orientation away from what is measurable and physical, against emotions, narratives, philosophy of life and ideology. Future research of today reveals what spiritual science has known for a long time. The development of our left logical brain has so far been "completed" and now our right phenomenological brain is awakened for its next leap. The founder of Anthroposophy Rudolf Steiner, saw this in his notion that in time we would "think with the heart and feel with the head."

Participation in evolution is an offer I can deny or access. If I choose to access, I shall seek freedom from the known. Artificial intelligence is the opportunity I’ll get to leave the known. By giving the robots and the humanoids access to be our clerks of rational behavior and logical logistics, humans can performe their spiritual advanced programs on behalf of a consicous Universe.

What kind of future will that looks like?

I can not say what the future is for you and me, but it should be simple and quite basic. You and I chose to incarnate on earth and our tasks are threefolded. We are destined to help transform the Earth from a dark to a bright planet, we are participating in the development of the conscious Universe and we develop as souls for our new incarnations. The core task is to identify our life goals, understand and implement our dharma.

To succeed, we must seek freedom from the known. When we are freed from the known, we will be able to dedicate ourselves completely to the unknown - what the evolution will explore to us.



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