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  • Jon Frang Mostad


May 4, 2018 | Jon Mostad

Man is greater than his desire, or has the opportunity to become.

In the coming week no 19-2018, my Instagram posts will reflect on «Freedom from desire». I do the reflections through quotes and captions, linked to illustrative images. Feel free to follow me on

What is this about and why? In my previous text «Freedom from the known», I enumerate man caught in his past knowledge, which does not point to the unknown new. My motive is to understand what kind of consciousness human beings need when unknown futures knock on the door.

With some solemn words, I can say that I seek «the self transcendent person» - she and he who has been able to «pass by her-/himself» and transformed the old content; ransformed her/his mind and expanded her/his consciousness.

Is this possible?

Yes - both philosophical and practical. In fact, the result is more of a practical nature than of a philosophical one. You and I can develop our transcendent awareness, but it requires will and actions. Do you understand yourself as constructed by biology, emotions and social sanctions, and at the same time want to penetrate and pass by your Acquired I and identify yourself with your Inherent I, you have developed. The process is about understanding that you are not the thoughtful reality that biology, emotions and social sanctions have driven you to.

This is what freedom from the known is about.

This short text is about the next step - the freedom from desire and that deals with all forms of association with the notions of the beautiful as opposed to the ugly, the sweet opposed to the sour, the right one the wrong - in short: freedom from separation, measurement and control.

When we seek the satisfaction of our desire - if the subject is never so «beautiful» and «correct», the search involves separation, measurement and control. We have to classify, judge and reject - and here the pain keeps its plight. «Beautiful» is nothing but a rating of «Ugly». We can not separate «the ugly», the evil» or the bad» without ourselves being part of what we seek to avoid. Such an action is a transaction, no transformation and no transcendence will be the result. We are hanging out with the old and remain part of the old - «known».

Freedom from desire is the key to freedom of joy.

Desire shadows happiness. Getting rid of our addictions, we cleanse the way to our inherently joyful sense of consciousness. «Aaah!» - would you like to say - «then learn how to get rid of my own separations?». Sorry my friend, neither I can or pretend to teach you. But let’s reflect together. Be aware of adapting a form of knowledge that suits me and makes me feel good. By taking my words for granted, you might continue to follow the known. This is no learning for you.

What I can, along with you, is to reflect with you into your own construction and be with you in your research until you find your path towards freedom from desire.


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