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June 2020 I Jon Frang Mostad

Climate crisis and artificial intelligence, the challenges for humans are not small. Our online magazine Futures of Man has made a conscious choice, looking positively for the future. We could have chosen the opposite, to look negatively at the future. A negative choice would not make the future easier, moreover, there is no need to stick with your lip.

'The energy follows the thoughts', an old word of wisdom. The way you think you become -Â as long as thoughts are energy and energy is matter, the more you create the future you imagine.

I am proud to be a contributor to Futures of Man - the online magazine that seeks out positive future scenarios for humans. Futures of Man sees the future in many perspectives that humans can choose. Futures of Man seeks paths where people can continue their journey in peace and equality.

This was the commercial, are you ready for my text? You may have read my previous text, 'Consciousness in Cosmos'? If not, then hurry, you are a co-creator of the cosmic consciousness and this is not a flirt. In the text I write about how modern scientific thinking has begun to ponder what ancient great knowledge cultures knew, namely that the cosmos is aware, I have a great message to you. In the text you are currently reading, I am creating some views on how to expand your own awareness while building the Cosmos. First and foremost, 'awareness' is a major theme. Neither psychology, neuro-science, nor philosophy has been able to provide a satisfactory answer. On the other hand, if I visit ancient scientific priests and astrologers, I find the keys to an exciting answer. Right now, in this text, I must refine to point to my colleague Jarle's text on "Holistic-Science-Epigenetics". There you will find an exciting perspective described. Well, what is awareness? For Man, awareness is the notion we can make about reality. Here are the 5 human senses essential tools. People see, hear, smell, taste and touch. These five senses create thoughts and images of a reality we can understand. For Man, reality is made up of length, width and height. What we call the 3 dimensional reality and we write it as 3D. Man has really big problems imagining other realities, because we have no senses that make it possible. Or is it not so? Am I telling you an untruth now? Maybe. Let me take a little detour. What is Extended Awareness? The human ear can hear sound in the voltage range between 20 Hz at the lowest and 20,000 Hz at the highest. The elephant can hear sounds from 12 Hz. What is it that the elephant can hear between 12 Hz and 20 Hz that Man cannot hear? Man's sense of smell is said to be our oldest sense, we can actually remember events in which we do not have mental pictures as long as we can recognize smell. What about the dog? Its sense of smell is hundreds of thousands of times stronger than human's. What is the dog smell that Man cannot?  Science know that the large marine mammals, the whales, navigate their voyages in the ocean, after the stars, even though the whales have not seen a star? What do the whales see? This is about realities that humans have no awareness of. There are realities that an expanded awareness can sense and make sense of. Now we are at the key to understanding what I mean by "expanded awareness». If humans can use their senses to understand larger realities, then this is about expanding their awareness. The expanded awareness I speak to Man is quite unlike the awareness of both elephants, dogs and whales. I'm talking about an expanded human awareness. Expanded awareness of Man is the result of an evolution of senses, emotions and thoughts, which extends beyond the physical needs of the body, the illusions of emotions and the fictions of thought. This may sound a bit philosophical, but it is about Man being "the boss in his own body". It is the awareness of Man to be individual in a serving fellowship with others for the common good of all, which is 'extended awareness’. With such awareness, war and climate crisis dissolve, and the artificial intelligence that my colleague Ulf wrote about is a servant to man and not a threat. How to develop your awareness? The late swedish esoterician and author Henry T. Laurency explains evolution as the development of awareness. All evolution of all matter and all forms of life is about the development of cosmic awareness. A great theme and very exciting! Laurency also says that humans can actively contribute to their evolution. The question is how? This is a very demanding question. Although not Laurency is quite clear on how we can get it done, he does lay out some certain clues. In my careless audacity and in a fit of overrated self-esteem, I have written a book published in Norway and Denmark, written in the respective countries' languages ​​and not yet in English, regardint this question. In the book I show a way to help you through a process to create new self-confidence and expand your awareness. Let me see if I can get back to the tools of the book in later texts. Futures of Man has a positive outlook on humanity and in the futures of humans. By being active in our own evolution, each of us can help build an awareness that holds peace, balance the nature and develope the consciousness of Cosmos. It's all waiting for us. Jon

Forgotten Law of Nature tells «Energy follow thoughts». As long as thoughts are energy and energy manifests in matter, you will become the one the way you think. Ancient wisdom knew so, now do you. 

Awareness is a major theme, for not to say expanded awareness. No science has been able to provide a satisfactory answer. However, you will find a key to understanding by visiting ancient wisdom. It is about a not so complicated study. 

Expanded awareness of Man is the result of an evolution of senses, emotions and thoughts, which extends beyond the physical needs of the body, the illusions of emotions and the fictions of thought. This may sound a bit philosophical, but it is within range. 

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