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  • Jon Frang Mostad


Throughout the previous three weeks I have reflected on Awareness, Awakening and Accommodation. What I consider as the three primordial phases in the construction of a larger version of yourself.

Evolution is the big wrapping. The one where we can place the universe, the solar system and our own individual development. Evolution, a topic so important that I will add it to the researchers? Absolutely, but allow me take some meditative performances.

We calculate almost 15 billion years from the performance of a living and conscious universe took shape. The dedication was brilliant. If the temperature in The Big Bang had been a billionth of a degree colder, the universe would remain a frozen ice cube without the possibility of life. Had the temperature been a billion part of a degree warmer, the universe would remain a big gas balloon without foothold.

I clap my hands for the ingenious measurement of just the right temperature for life and feet. Engineering of first degree.

So stardust and gas burst into an evolution that is big enough to accommodate itself, every second of its expansion.  Dust became lumps and gas became water. Our solar system takes shape after a journey of just over 10 billion years. 4 rough billion years went on and consciousness found its shape in a planetary system that houses you and me to day. 

Fascinating to see how our journey through the space room is either the result of the worst coincidences or a flashy brilliant intention. Regardless of the choice of explanation model, we exist on Earth.  Much could went wrong and the world would miss you and me.

The karmic tissue is quite fascinating?

Enjoy the week that comes, whether you follow my Quotes and Captions or not, and taste one of them:

"The evolution is to travel around the sun at a speed of 107,200 km / h - well taken by gravity - while we constantly try to find new solutions to everyday challenges"


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