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May 13, 2018 | Jon Mostad

Ethics, aesthetics and spirituality - a modern triad?

In the coming week no 20-2018, my Instagram posts will reflect on «Ethics, aestethics and spiritutality» . I do the reflections through quotes and captions, linked to illustrative images. Feel free to follow me on

Welcome to the blog text Ethics, aesthetics and spirituality - a modern triad.

Spirituality provides explanatory models that allow me to see a human being in a larger picture, opposite to natural science. For personal and professional reasons I search for explanations that lead to greater awareness. I demand a more tidy conceptual device to understand spirituality. I need a modernization of thoughts and languages ​​around the concept because the development of futures goes in this direction. The futures will bring spirituality to us in a form that is unknown to most.

The search leeds me, among other explanations, to the Theosophy.

The ideas of the Theosophy offer meaning. Theosophy describes a mental level of consciousness in two levels, a sense shaped and emotional consciousness and an overall mental consciousness. My senshaped and emotional consciousness is largely ruled by instincts, sensory sensations and emotions. Theosophy looks at this consciousness as a «lower» form of consciousness. I took some time to accommodate the term «lower» associated with something that was less worthwhile than anything else. That's not how it is. My emotional consciousness is a beautiful and valuable consciousness. It keeps my senses, social experiences and feelings collected so I can navigate in experiences that are both familiar and unknown to me. My instincts alert me and help me to avoid discomfort and dangers. The sensory perceptions provide the basis for the necessary perceptions that provide access to reactions and advanced interpretations of situations I am within. I experience great understanding by understanding myself as being controlled by emotions. That this consciousness is explained as «lower» should be understood that my sibling consciousness, the mental, operates more advanced constructions and contexts. As a human being, I follow a line of development of the «old brain» guided by genes and instincts, to the «modern» brain as the ability to process imaginative images and logical reasoning.

Overall my emotional consciousness, the mental consciousness rules. It consists of two levels. The «lower» mental level is logically-analytical, distanced from my feelings. My analytical awareness level is rational. You have probably heard of different dimensions in mathematics? You may have heard that a simple line is considered as one-dimensional because all points on the line can be determined by a coordinate (point). Then you may have also heard that plan is two-dimensional, as the points are determined by two independent coordinates and that the space is three-dimensional as we enter the height (space). The three dimensions of physical reality - height, breadth and depth are conducted in quantum physics in the fourth dimension of time. It is beyond the reach of my blog to explain time as a fourth dimension. Time is a space in the three-dimensional figure and it is perpendicular to both height, width and depth. Therefore, time is almost impossible to understand for us three-dimensional people. This is also the case with the thought. The thought can be understood as a fourth dimension by our consciousness. If you are willing to accept that everything in the universe is physical, thoughts are also energies. We fill our three-dimensional physical world with thoughts.

Theosophy makes my world both more beautiful and more complicated. It explains my «higher» consciousness world as divided into two. The logic that interferes with the analytical thought as a dimension, and then the «highest» consciousness form, the fifth dimension, the Causal consciousness. Here at the fifth level of consciousness, thinking reflects the spiritual consciousness. In our fifth level of consciousness, our thinking reflects what Theosophy calls the Buddhic level. At the Buddhic level, the soul operates as a mediator of the connection between body and spirit. In the world of this spiritual thinking and experience, the context of the logical conclusions is resolved. Here I find the conclusions of aesthetic convictions intertwined. This weave of aesthetically convinced intelligence is beyond the control of logical analysis. It is also completely uncontrolled by the impulses of the emotional sensations, although many far from know it so.

Outside the world of the feelings, resting on a foundation of the logical analysis, but still minimally affected, I find the aesthetics of beauty composed of the math of love, the math we do not yet know because it is just about the five-dimensional consciousness. The math that underlies the creation and expansion of the vibrant and intelligent Universe.

When I act balanced in relation to a higher purpose, I act ethically in relation to the purpose. When I act in accordance with the aesthetics of beauty for the creative process, I act aesthetically. When I act I move, as I move I create and when I create, I pulsate spiritually.

Ethics, aesthetics and spirituality are like a divine triad where the higher form of consciousness dances.

Spirituality points out that human beings will undergo a long way of evolving to develop their thinking from the «lower» to the «higher» mental causal. Slowly through our course of development from the knowledge of the Vedas, Babylonians, Egyptians and Greeks, we have developed the logical and analytical brain until today, where the next step appears, the developing of the phenomenological brain to a higher level than before.

The universe is developed through a five-dimensional math by a consciousness we do not understand, and in the equations og this math, triads are included as differential operators of ethics, aesthetics and spirituality.


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