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  • Jarle Berghammer


July 2020

The energies, the vibrations and the forms of communication between humans, nature and animals throughout the Universe are both fascinating and mind-boggling. Many textbooks have to be re-written in the near future, as we’re finding our true place on this blue marble, in the Milky way and in the Cosmos at lagre.

Before I continue on this topic let me first tell you about an experience I had, with my colleague Jon, in the process of writing this article. I was safe in my home office situated near Oslo:Norway and Jon is watching and listening from his office in Aarhus:Denmark. Between the two of us, in good distance, we experienced what a part of this article is all about. In different areas of energies, vibrations and communications scientists are now proving what until recently has been more of a subtile feeling in the human brain. New forms of informational-exchanges are now being discovered and explained by modern science.

During the one hour of conversation with my colleague, we were sharing information on many different layers. Through the limited human perception, we were of course verbally sharing ideas by talking in a normal fashion and listening. The body language was registered intuitively by the both of us. Yet still there were a subtle notion - a feeling of sharing mind - between Denmark and Norway. An integration of knowledge and communication between the two of us was most likely happening through a quantum connection. Our mutual engagement in the conversation spun up our energies both individually and collectively to better contribute to the discussion and solving the issues at hand. Some intriguing questions arise. What types of communication made it possible to collaborate this way? What really happens when two entities, in the universe, communicate and share ideas and information like this ?

Through the fabric of space-time - communication and information exchange is happening all the time - it never halts. This exchange is transcending through many layers, from the level of the very small scale to the extremely large scale. When zooming in at the smallest scale known to Man - at the quantum level - it all becomes rapid moving energies with vibrations and informational exchange now believed to be faster than light. The knowledge and awareness of this extremely small level of sizes and energies is relatively new to Mankind. The process of Mankind being aware of it, points towards and explains, one of the most important pieces in the big picture. We are all connected through the same fabric of space.

Another small experiment was conducted from the moon back to earth during NASAs Apollo 14. mission (1971) that also points towards the same. Astronaut Edgar Mitchell tested extrasensory perception and mind-reading with symbols down to four contacts back on Earth. The symbols Mitchell was thinking about and the others attempting to guess, turned out to be right a quarter of the time. He is known to have said: “It was euphoric, one of those rare moments in life when you seemed to be able to reach out and touch the universe, when you had an intuitive flash about the real meaning of truth.” He later founded the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Throughout all of creation we find energies and vibrations. Science measures this in a number of vibrations per second (v/s). The manifestation of these energy vibrations range from the slow sound-waves at 32 v/s, trough EM and radio frequencies from 16K v/s all the way through infrared at 35 billion v/s, visible light, ultra violet light, x-rays and all the way to gamma and cosmic rays (4.6 quintillion v/s - 18 digits) . All matter and everything really consists of energies and vibrations i.e vibrations at different frequencies. At all levels and sizes from the Quantum world to the Cosmic realm, information is transferred.

A way to think of how Humans interact with the energies and vibrations is to compare our perception with an old radio receiver. It received just a portion of it all trough a very narrow band of waveforms in FM, AM (Long-, Middle- and ShortWave). Human perception also receives in a narrow band - both visually (400nm -> 700nm) and audio wise (20Hz -> 22KHz). The range of frequencies in the cosmos however ranges from extremely low frequencies at 3Hz found in black holes all the way to gamma and cosmic rays at 300EHz+. As my colleague Jon explains in his article from June, just because humans does not sense something directly - the energies, vibrations and communications are there, regardless of our awareness of it all.

Since we humans are hardwired into this Matrix of the cosmos and are indeed vibrational beings, it is possible that information can be exchanged through the fabric of space-time as described in the conversation above.

As in the conversation with my highly conscious colleague Jon, the bits of information that were exchanged between us is still a bit elusive and not completely understood. Still it all points in the direction of us being connected to a vibrational universe where everything is connected. With increased knowledge and awareness in the years to come we will in a holistic way be able to describe all of this and find our true place in the complete picture.

In the Futures of Man we have some really important discussions to undertake and questions to ask. What happens to this beautiful dance of energies and vibrations if we hardwire our brains to AI with quantum computer? What then happens to consciousness ? On one hand this gives humanity the greatest tool of thinking power, but on the other hand we can loose the one thing that is embedded in our great source design. More of that from Futures of Man through our three portals Technology, Consciousness and Holistic science.


Take a good look at the article above. My colleague and I developed most likely a sort of quantum connection. Mutual conversational engagement spun up and formed a unique metaphysical sphere of informational quality.

Different areas of energies, vibrations and communications are now proved to be new forms of informational exchanges, recently known as subtle feelings in the human brain. This is pointing towards a new understanding of cognitive equations.

Vibrations of energies never halts. Through the fabric of space-time, exchanges of information are happening endlessly all-time. Autonomously transcending many layers, small scale as well as extremely large scale, contents are transferred.


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