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  • Jon Frang Mostad


My starting point as Awakener is that we are a Soul. Our Lifes Process takes the form of a descent from Spirit to the Physical Matter and an ascent back to Spirit when life is completed. The power that guides you back to the Spirit can be identified. This is a way to live your life in harmony with the Spiritual power that wants to lift you - if it gets access to your life. This is partly what Awakening is about and what I do together with my students. 

Imagine your life as a river. River water causes sand and gravel at the mouth of the ocean. If the ocean is not able to remove the sand and gravel, the river build a DELTA, such as the Nile River does. Consider that your life as a mathematical equation. When mathematicians want to influence the equational result, they add a differential operator - a DELTA. You know the Greek alphabet? The fourth letter is a triangle - a DELTA. The triangle is also the symbolic form where the «Father, Son and Holy Spirit», is explained. Precise the way the ancient Egyptian Esoterics did.

The force that push you through life and returns you to the Spirit, is a differential operator that allows you to build your life in accordance with your Life`s Purpose. You can identify, strengthen and collaborate your Evocational Source - your DELTA. 

How is that possible? 

Through life, the Soul who resides within your physical body and connect you to the sphere of The Great Spirit, manage from time to time to by-pass your ego and put its «boots on the ground». This foot prints of The Soul, are what I reveal through a guided tour through life from early child hood. It is an amazing process and gives the one who pass through, an experience of coming home. 

The DELTA is a triangle with three angle corners, what I call The Three Faces of The Soul. They consider of compiled and chunked energy words - or better to say «energy beings», as this it what it is. This energy beings are identified through an «bodily archeological excavation». It is an amazing process. When the DELTA is identified, it can be understood and integrated in your senses and consciously activated in your daily lifes action. 

After having «listened to the birds singing within you telling you to awake», like a solar ascension after the death of the night, and you have decided to start up your awakening, this identificational process is the next significant step you pass through in awakening. 

Identify your DELTA and move forward in your awakening  process. Please let me know if you want to know more. 


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