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February 16, 2018 | Jon Mostad

Delta - a spiritual evolutionary force? Did Pythagoras knew something we do not know ?

In the coming week no 08-2018, my Instagram posts will reflect on Delta - Pythagoras` fourth letter. I do the reflections through quotes and captions, linked to illustrative images. Feel free to follow me on

Through studies and work with people for many years, I have discovered that we can move from source, rather than force. As we move from source, we move from a spiritual inner, rather than a physical outer. Our bodies seem to know a hidden knowledge of how we can resist an incoming energy, from a unconsciousness level in our own body. This inner hidden source is infinitely stronger than the mentally tense muscle is able to show. What can this hidden source be about? Why is it hidden for us? I have found an answer, or maybe I should say, part of an answer. When I finally understood our energy body and the diemsion of Qi, a bigger picture began to draw for me. I found the symbolic keys in Pythagoras spiritual mathematics.

The term DELTA is the key and the symbol we inherited from Pytagoras.

Pythagoras was priestly and consecrated in the Egyptian scientific religion. The Egyptians philosophized and analyzed that the universe's creative source, which was seen upon as ONE, consisted of THREE co-operative sources. Inspired by the Theosophy, I interpret the three sources of the three words PICTURE, which is the fixative and masculine power, the MOVEMENT, which is the birth and feminine power, and the CONSCIOUSNESS which is the function of the masculine and feminine power, called the child of the two.

We find this conviction of TRINITY, in Judaism, in Christianity and we find it in Islam. The esoteric tradition tells that Pythagoras was consecrated priest and therefore knew the secret Egyptian doctrine, the science of the universe. Moses brought this doktrine of the Trinity as he fled with the Jews from Pharao’s Egypt. The Esoterics also believe that Jesus was consecrated in this mythical doctrine and therefore preached the Trinity.

DELTA is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet . Not the third, and further more it is drawn as an ascending pyramid. The ascending pyramid symbolizes evocation, ascension from life back to the Spirit. We descend into the matter of the Spirit, to rise back from matter to the Spirit. In my previous blog about invocation and evocation, you can read about this.

We come to Earth to travel from Earth, but gravity on Earth is very forceful. Physically, we are held back - evacuation is hampered by gravity. The Earth is therefore considered a heavy planet to reincarnate. The effect becomes karmic when the soul overcome the detachment and return. How is this happening? With what power do we get back to the Spirit?

In order to penetrate gravity's restraining grip, the Soul in the human body needs a pushing force that, when initiated, overcomes gravity. This is my symbolic image.

When the mathematicians will trigger a result in an equation that does not yield the desired result, the equation can be added to a delta - what the mathematicians name as a differential operator. The delta distributes and transfers power between the components in the exchange ratio - such a differential lock makes on a vehicle with, for example, 4 wheels and one wheel spins to no avail. By adding one of the equation components to the delta, the mathematician creates an exponential result. (1 + 2) 3 will not be 9 but DELTA 🔺 9!

DELTA is drawn as an equilibrium triangle. Every angle point is equal weight - its equal face. The sum of DELTA's three functions is the fourth function - the meta function, the triggering force.

From the moment we invoke, rises into life - reincarnates, on Earth, begins evocation - the resurrection of the Spirit. The journey through life is a continuous evocation in the form of a spiritual and physical evolution. A developing and learning process.

Each of us can identify our DELTA and therefore initiate it, use it in its metapunction at all stages of life on the way back to the Spirit. DELTA is the shear nature uses to stretch its leaves against the sky - without the use of muscles. DELTA is the wax power the dandelion uses to lift its yellow and busty head through the asphalt, heading towards the light.

We can pass through life without activating our DELTA, and we can activate it - one world to a difference. Buddhism says in its teachings that the fewest cross the river, most of us run up and down one width.

You who have identified your DELTA have not necessarily activated it. A deep recognition and training process under supervision goes to.

We are in the middle of an early summer. Nature raises itself against the Sun and grows through source - in its DELTA source.

Time too, for you?


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