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August 3, 2018 | Jon Mostad

In several of my previous blogs, I do reflections on awareness and increased consciousness. I ask what is consciousness? I show that human beings' processing of consciousness as it flows through the body is a 3D consciousness. A consciousness in the 3D format is perfect adapted to our senses, which only perceives a limited part of a complex reality. Outside our senses there are worlds the few of us perceive and even fewer understand.

I point out that man will stand above several different presentations of future times. Megatrends such as Immaterialization, Polarization and Acceleration and complexity, that I do regard as the most significant, in the context of technological development, shapes diverse and disruptive futures. Humans will learn to live side by side with artificial intelligence, a new imaginary world where science of nature and science of spirit is a coherent science, and humans will acknowledge that the universe is an consciousness that creates itself. Futures created in this picture will tear down existing ideas. Humans have an opportunity to meet these futures, choose the one they want to attract and create themselvs within. Humans will have to face development with a different consciousness than currently is in use. You'll find my thoughts on a future 5D Consciousness in the blog 5D Consciousness - Introducton - Theme of week 30 - 2018. You can find my blogs at

If you follow my thoughts you may want to ask me - is there a way to a 5D Consciousness? My answer is - Yes, and in the blog Dawn - A path towards 5D Consciousness - Theme of week 31 - 2018, I write about the path. In the blog you are reading now, I am more exact and outline the three stages that follow the DAWN-program.


You are invited to read my blog from week 31-2018. There you will see that DAWN is a metaphor that illustrates the transition from a consciousness in 3D format, to an expanded consciousness. There you will be able to read how the ancient science cultures understood the night as "the little death" and the morning as "the great birth". The limited mind of humans is within the "little death" where it is prepared for "the great birth", the expanded consciouseness. Humans are adapted to this process, but themselves must be active in the construction. This is what my thoughts are about, a process of self-construction.

I post my blogs every Friday and I follow up daily with quotes and captions on my Instagram account @mostadjon. Welcome to follow me on blog as well as on Instagram.

Let's look at the theme of the week then.

DAWN is based on three columns:

1. The Wisdom - takes you into the world of mysteries. You encounter traces of an old, hidden and forgotten wisdom that leads you to your coded life's purpose. A wisdom that tells about the living and self-creating universe.

2. The Path - invites you to the treasury of the methods. Here you will find access to the practical tools you can use to create the process that redeems your life's purpose. You will meet The Archeology of the body, The Three Faces of Your Soul (the hidden knowledge of Pythagoras’s delta), Channeling of your Master plan and Identifying your hindrances. Major processes that lead you to your hidden insights.

3. The Choice - is the practical actions you take to identify obstacles, turning them into possibilities, attracting solutions so that you redeem the big plan of your life shown in your channeling.

DAWN is implemented in three phases in which phase three is an extended way of life:

* Awareness - is the primordial phase where you listen to your soul's messaging through the language of the body. What does the soul tells you? During this phase, the foundation for DAWN is laid as your personal way towards new self-awareness and increased consciousness.

* Awakening - is the following introspective phase where you identify your hidden and forgotten Life's purpose. You will find your spiritual ascent path and channel your life's purpose. The soul's three faces will be clear to you - the triad that takes you back to the Spirit.

* Accommodation - is the unfolding third phase where you identify your obstacles, turn them into possibilities and attract solutions. Gradually you open your Inherent I. In this phase you gradually realize your Life's purpose and appear as the one you are meant to become.

If you search, you’ll find thousands diverse programs of self-developement. Most are certainly good, otherwise people would not use them? Common to these programs is that they build on the limited notions of a 3D world and improve your performance within this grid's limitations. You will be better at doing what you already do. This can be very good, too many. Those who want to move on and break out of their habitual performances and establish expanded lifes, have to go for what I with an overall term call awakening. You’ll undergo an awakening when you leave a 3D understanding of yourself and your environments, start heading for a 4D and 5D perception.

I have blogged that science of today is about to understand the universe as conscious. Significant mathematical and physical values, tells about forces in the universe that point to conscious actions. The prelude that the universe is conscious and that all life participates in the development of this self-conscious consciousness takes shape. The key to an expanded understanding of consciousness can be found in Awareness. Consciousness requires attention. Without attention, we have no conscious experiences. The key to expanded consciousness can be hidden in an expanded awareness, free from the cognition's limited limitations. The way in to an extended understanding of awareness as something other than a specific mechanism in the brain requires that the various disciplines of neuro science speak with the mother of all science, The Philosophy, in a new and unknown discourse. When I read Rudolf Steiner, it seems that this insight is already known to us, and now almost 100 years old. The insights of Man evolves slowly ahead.

I look forward to discuss this topics with you more closely, feel free to follow my coming blogs and posts.

PS - If you read danish, click on, you can order the book «DAWN - The Wisdom, The Path, The Choice», written in danish. There you will find the program presented in its entirety.


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