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  • Jon Frang Mostad


February 10, 2016 | Jon Mostad

“Have patience. Wait until the mud settles and the water is clear.

Remain unmoving until right action arises by itself.”

Lao Tzu

The notion that we descend on Earth to ascend in Spirit, fascinates me. As long as I consider descendens into the world of Physic and ascendens into the world of Spirit, like a beautiful story and not necessarily link it to a particular religious explanation, it is a fluent educational tool in my work of awakening..

The idea that we all come from the Great Spirit and will return to the Great Spirit, is beautifully explained by the Theosophy.

However, when and how do we awake and understand that we are on a spiritual journey? What is it that wakes us from the meta-physical sleep and alerts the spiritual day to come, like the birds alerts sun long before we humans can glimpse the first streaks of light? What does the birds know about the sun to come? What is within you and me, telling us that we should awake and embark on our spiritual development in an alert mind? I have an idea.

Awakening - what a powerfully word ! But, what is Awakening about?

When time come, we awake to a new self-awareness and expanded consciousness, through a process of Dawn. The birds within you, start singing and alert you - time to awake form the cleansing darkness of the night and time to turn in to a new born day under guidance of the Sun - the God Ra. Awakening is to enter into a new, larger version of yourselve. The journey back to The Great Spirit starts and involves, among other themes, arrivel at this larger version of your selve.

When I teach and guide in processes of awakening, I use mental imagery and oral narratives. Words are my spiritual helpers. A term I often need to dwell in and explore along with my students, is the word Spirituality. Many notions, prejudices and denials are related to the term Spirituality.

I really would like to wish that I could give you a simple definition and explanation of what Spirituality means and inflects. The more I seek to understand, explain and describe the concept of Spirituality, the more unsure of a final definition I become. Despite so, I continue to look and reflect. Spirituality independently imaged from all religious framework, set up for modernity and futures to come, is a must for beings of today. Spirituality given in a modern form, easily to communicate and to put into motion, is the key word of Awakening and to a life in balance with your purpose.

My task, within my limitations, is to form a picture of Spirituality of to day. That picture to come is an important concept to build Awakeningprogram upon, given to those who feel "the birds sang within". Such a moderne picture of Spirituality will affect multiple levels of our life on Earth - the physical, astral (emotional) and mental levels. It is most important because we have started the great move in to an age of mankind where old myths are resurrected, in new forms and with new motion frequencies. The heart's intelligence will evolve to become our dominant brain, and we will evolutionarily be challenged to rethink our lives to fill them with greater meaning when the "material explanation» no longer is consciously sustainable.

In such a construction, I struggle to shape a definition of Spirituality that modern man can relate to, where we are, still in a material matrix. If I should be very strict with myself and require a definition which is detached from the religious and paranormal context, now, I would reply:

"Spirituality in the human realm, is a state of consciousness where the Universe's most love-filled and symbolic insight is manifested in the most concrete action using the physical body as its choosen vehicle."

Awakening is to enter the portal of Spirituality to become an extended You - performing the Universe`s most love-filled and symbolic insight through implementation of your Life`s Purpose.

To do so, we all need guidance - this is not a matter of single doing.


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