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  • Ulf Kurkiewicz


When dawn sparks the first light of the day life in one sense is restarted again. The light and warmth gives energy to all beings. A new cycle has been born. From another angle you could also transform the physical act of sun and.....

....light is emerging at Dawn into an awakening of an increased level of consciousness. The Dawn of a personal transformation from one level of consciousness to a higher one. A transformation needed in the rapidly changing world we all are part of. I will come back to that later in the article.

I came to the conclusion that I needed to do something else with my life. Do something that was really meaningful and that would also benefit other human and other beings. I had a bunch of ideas that I started up with but it did not spark inside. I found out that the experiences I have gathered through life needed a boost to another level, a level of increased consciousness to make it possible to fulfill my, at the moment, idea and make it come alive.

Fortunately I happened to meet a person that could give me some guidance where to start the journey to an increased consciousness. One that made it possible to review my own experiences in life that could be of importance on the journey. A journey still going on, and one that will continue through my life.

The first step involved to get to know myself in a much deeper way than before, really looking into who I am and what I have been doing through my life. All of it, good and bad, without judging my actions. Become aware of my self as a human being, become aware of my inner wishes, get in contact with inner senses connected to what I have been and wishes, still not manifested. Finding out which my inner characteristics really are. Reflect over how I actually live them out, and also finding out if I do not. Sort them into manifested characteristics and desired ones. Feel the difference of the two in my body. I could feel a new awareness of who I am starting to emerge. Find out that there are many more angles and aspects, yet not used. Aspects of myself, on a higher level, that could be reached during the process. This gave Dawn a complete new meaning for me. The dawn of a higher I glimpses on the horizon.

My guide introduced me to areas of myself, and the surrounding environment, not known to me before. At least not from a conscious point of view. I am body, mind and soul and all three parts exist side by side. All of this has been part of my awakening process. Acknowledging that there is a higher I, or my soul hidden for me. For me this was mind blowing.

Sorted and transformed into three areas, each one containing a sentence or word combined with three additional wordings. A hint of what my future could contain, a hint about things that until now has been hidden for me. The three areas related to each other, but also expressing a specific and different aspect. They formed a triangle, or the greek letter Delta. My soul or higher I has guided me to find out my personal Delta expressed through the phrase: “My life is about being…”

The dead tree - Everything between heaven and earth, Black still water and Dark granite

Broom with birch twigs - Welding work, Sew the shirt and Created willow flute

IDA - Street sweeper, Saw and heard things and The real forest

At first it seemed completely nonsense, no information whatsoever, but somehow they initiated a spark of curiosity, and also initiating a growing understanding. It was a kind of awakening, a feeling of connection with my soul. The expressions where three different faces of my soul.

The combination of the three aspects would help me to create the purpose of my life. What has been ment for me to do with my life. The big question was how to get hold of it. My guide challenged me by asking me to conduct a story telling about the image.A story telling affecting all senses, even finding out that thought itself actually is a sense , of the receiver. ”Do not push, let it come to you”, he said. And it did. First I tried to tackle it by logic and failed. I had to let it happen within my body and mind without interfering. Suddenly I had a clear image of what I should do from now on. A very strong moment, explaining what it is all about. ,The image needed to be transformed into a view of my future and how to get there. Create a plan of how to accommodate my actions to the new reality.My guide helped me initiate my work to transform my image of the future into an action plan in the normal three dimensional life. A plan with actions to conduct to move towards the new direction. The impact on myself has been great. I have a new direction that I am working towards, incorporating experiences that could be beneficial and leaving others as they have finished their service. Building new experiences and characteristics needed to work in the new direction with high credibility.

The road is not a strait one, and not one without work either. One step, a hard one, is to identify each and every piece of thing that actually has been, and some still are, in the way for me to reach my new destination. Or at least to the destination I have put forward right now. An exercise that ended up in a situation where I found 53 different things that could stop me in my work. Things that where transformed from blurry statements over to hindering statements and again transferred into possibilities. Things clearly stated and each and everyone requiring actions from myself.

The work is still ongoing and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. As my consciousness is developing, at least that is my view, there will be a tuning of my view of the destination. A tuning that will spark awareness of new hinders that need to be transformed into possibilities that in turn has to become a new set of actions.

Now let's move back to the question of why I think that why we have to increase our consciousness. A lot of changes is occurring in our world, on our planet. They happen rapidly and contain dramatic impact to ourselves and to our environment. We have challenges with global environmental impact, pollution, polarization and possible impact of the ongoing technological development. Challenges that need solutions in the very short term to make it possible for us to hand over a viable world to the coming generations.

Albert Einstein once said ”“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” To be able to find solutions we need to expand our consciousness to find answers from another angle. For my own development I found that the way I have been using was not sufficient enough. I had fragments of a new way to handle personal development, but not a consistent inner image. After I started my journey I now have a clear view of what I want to accomplish and also a dynamic plan with quite clear picture of how to get there. I am convinced that the way will offer new possibilities to a shift in mindset.

Be conscious


Our self-image around our characteristics might have some biases. Being honest with yourself can be very hard as well as being honest with other people. Asking a good friend or a honest colleague can give you a hint. Reflect and view yourself with a new set of glasses.

Words are beings in a sense of energy and influence. The same word is translated very differently by almost every person. Listen and feel the word, taste it and try to understand the intention from the sender. Dare to ask if you have got it right.

Find you inner purpose and depict it for yourself. Let it sink into your body and mind, let it be your guide and map. Imagine possible ways to move towards your inner image. Be aware of that there always are multiple ways to come to a destination.


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