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July 27, 2018 | Jon Mostad

People perceive their world through a 3D consciousness. A 3D consciousness makes the perception of the world possible while limiting. Our senses are perfectly geared to delivering of 3D perceptions of the world in its length, width and height. On the other hand, the senses do not provide an experience of a physical manifestation of logical analyzes (4D) and abstract reflections (5D). In this way, people live in a limited world of imagination.

Man must meet artificial intelligence, experience the natural science and spiritual science becoming a coherent science and that the universe is conscious. To become one with this future, human beings have to develop their awareness of more than 3D. My reflections are about how such awakening is possible.

Futures of Man is a frame in which I reflect on the future that comes and how people can adjust to what's new. In a series of blogs from theme 24-2018, I present my ideas about Futures of Man. I show you how the future always behaves in plural, acts disruptively and is driven by mega trends. My reflections take place via weekly blogs and micro poetry on my Instagram account @mostadjon. On Instagram, I post daily quotes and captions that illustrate the theme of the week's blog. In the near future, Futures of Man will be presented in the form of exhibitions, lectures and vlogges on YouTube.

Stay tuned.

Let's go for the week's theme.

Is there a way in which human beings can transform their consciousness from 3D to 5D? Yes, it exists and it is within you. Coded, hidden and forgotten. In my book "Dawn - The Wisdom, The Way, the Choice", published in Danish (click on to these days, I show my way. There are many indications that the human beings before our timescale were given the knowledge of a science culture that we can only see the traces of today. This science culture recognized the future and gave people access to the same knowledge. It was delivered to us in a coded version, hidden in myths, symbols and abstractions. We can see traces of insight and they can be opened up to us.

We can follow the path of human development along many lines. We can follow the traces by understanding the development of the modern brain. From an animated mystery brain, humans have developed a logical and analytical natural science brain. In order for the modern brain to be developed, the old mystery brain had to be closed down. Gradually we were removed from our old ideas and abstraction, and we gradually introduced new insights about social order, medicine and technology. Spirit was divorced from matter. A necessary process. The few know that we were promised that the mystery brain should be woken again to go into its next dimension, this time to develop a higher level of consciousness, united with a modern natural science brain. Here lies the keys to a 5D consciousness.

The ancient Chaldean-Egyptian culture of science knews the secret doctrine. Their female and male priests included the one who sought "the heart of Osiris," for the science. The night was considered "the little death" and the sunrise as "the great birth". Every evening the sun and thus the day died. Through the darkness of the night, the sun was cleansed and prepared for a new life in the form of a new day. The Egyptians spoke their secret teachings in codes. I see the night as the period in human life where our mystery has been shut down, cleansed and prepared for the great birth.

I see three significant ports open to the people. The development of artificial intelligence superior to human ability to remember and process facts will free the brain for higher purposes, if people grasp it. Natural science today writes into its mathematical formulas and research design, a meeting of spirit as size. This encounter between what can be measured and what can be experienced invites an expanded awareness. The third gate is the scientific understanding of the universe as self-evident consciousness. The idea that the universe is conscious and that all living contributes to the evolution of the conscious universe sets humans above a unique challenge.

Dawn is the time of the day where darkness will turn to the light. I see dawn like a metaphor where time for cleansing and preparation is to be turned into action and development. In my book «Dawn - The Wisdom, The Path, The Choice» I use the birds song as an expression of the body's consciousness. The birds know when the darkness is to turn to the light, and they warn with their song. The birds song is to me like temple bells. They send their vibrations into space and change frequency, from dark to light. What do the birds know, that people do not know? In fact, people know. Knowledge is hidden and forgotten in the bodies of Humans. When time is ripe and the soul rises over ego, the soul's voice carries through the body as an index. The soul speaks the body's language and the language can be painful. When the body hurts, the soul speaks. It will be released! It will experience the light!

How to understand the language of the body when it speaks by pain? The first thing we do when the body aches is to find the medicine that dampens the pain. The medications look for the symptoms and relieve them. Thus, the language of the soul is muted. The medicine does not ask what the soul wants to convey when it speaks the language of pain. Why does the soul speak through the body's pain? We need to understand the soul's effort to reach out with its message, to understand the soul's painful language. Man's sensational and socially constructed ego is a powerful force that governs the mind and gives the soul a little playroom. The soul must realize the purpose of its incarnation, but the ego blocks the soul. The body becomes the place of a break between soul and ego. Man must listen to the language of the soul, even though the story is painful. There is a way where the soul can reach its message and in my book I describe the path, and i call the path Dawn.

«Dawn - The Wisdom, The Path, The Choice» is a book and a process of mystery where you can help your life’s purpose through a normative process. When life goals are redeemed in action, you expand your awareness. You place yourself in a 5D world where you become a co-creator of the conscious universe.

«Dawn» is an inner journey to an expanded consciousness. Through insight into the myths, through the process «The Archeology of The Body", and the way to your coded and hidden life goals, you seek out your obstacles and turn them into opportunities. If you follow my blog, I will invite you deeper into the mysteries.


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