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  • Jon Frang Mostad


Around my neck I wear a simple necklace in a red thread. For some years now this necklace has followed me from Varanasi, Shivas town at Ganges, home to Norway. The guru who gave me the necklace explained that "the brahman has blessed it", and it can be felt.

The necklace is formed by a circle holding two pyramids. The intersection between the descending and ascending pyramid, is holding a red crystal. Today I know that the circle symbolizes the whole, rebirth and eternity. The pyramid is the symbol for the three aspects of creation; Image, Movement and Consciousness. The downward pyramid symbolizes the human Soul descending into form; Involution. The ascending pyramid symbolizes The Soul's way back to its formless life of The Spirit, evolution itself. I should like to know what the red crystal symbolizes, although I have a notion. Maybe you can help me?

The point of the story of the necklace's is about understanding Involution and Evolution. Man as Soul is spiritual and atomic created to seek descent into substance, in the physical fabric. The only way our Soul can earn it`s own development is through entanglement in fabric in a physical world where it can make up it`s experiences. Earth is predicted to be one of the strongest planetary places in the universe for involution, because of the strong gravity. Life on earth in a physical body for a soul, is highly cost- effective, if you look at the incarnation as an investment. From the perspective of The Soul, a lifetime is a short happening, mostly like a dip into water and then up again. Within this short dip, The Soul has to earn it`s experience and pay off as much karmic debth as possible. 

This symbolic picture gives meaning to me and is a part of my teachings. Much of the fallacy of the modern world is a result of that we live so separated from the opportunities of the myths, from a symbolic language and creative power of spirituality in our  lives. Various spiritual explanations and religious groups are doing what they can to quench thirst and relieve pain. But for man today, the evolvement from the early analog to the modern analytical way of thinking,  kept a very few of the old symbols and narratives, as  keys to insight. Too bad, we might say, but our consciousness is where it is and should be, until evolution again will develope our analogical way of reflection into a much more extended level than ever since. This time will come. 

Quite normal for most of us, life's purpose is focusing on the physical and material gratification. Our spiritual life`s purpose is about enlightenment. In a material western world, a life in enlightenment is difficult to attain. We are blinded and blocked by the senses` need of satisfaction, moreover we have forgotten how we can understand and open up the mythical aspects of the wonderful life that awaits. I almost do not dare dream about what the world will look like the day people know their spiritual life purpose and find their way forward to the Light. Confusion and despair will dissolve by itself and peace will follow.

"Dawn" - a new way towards self awarness and expanded consciousness is a path way developed through years of considerations and teachings, which gives me hope. You are most welcome to learn more about the program. 


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