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  • Jon Frang Mostad


Man has detached himself from nature; drifting lonely, afraid and abandoned in Cosmos. Is there a way home? May an evolved perspective on the construction of self-knowledge and expanded consciousness be the path of human beings towards new futures?

Medieval philosophy of nature, ties together pre-history Mother Earth, Plato's teachings of ideas as the origin of antiquity, ancient ideals of genderless beauty, the Christian interpretation of nature as a picture of God's being, and the medieval integration of " God " as both a transcendent and at the same time moving force, stands out more clearly to me.

A connection between the experience of nature and human development of self-knowledge and consciousness, has come more clear.

Human’s study of the forms of nature - both as idea and as movement - fascinates. I can see the cosmology of Egypt and Pythagoras Hylozoic throughout. The Egyptians 9 Neteru are gate openers and storytellers on the journey into mysticism, where insights into unknown causal chains await.

Through ancient initiations into secret mythology, Man begins the detachment from a symbiosis with nature and therefore matter in the broadest sense, and establishes himself as an independent Master of nature; Man stands out as a form of being, a form of being in solitude. 

The self-construction and the logical-analytical form of consciousness that characterizes modern Man is the result of a distinction between Man and nature. The development of self-knowledge and consciousness has made Man a reflective and cognitive being, but at the same time left man alone in Cosmos.

"The Purpose of Evolution is the Development of Consciousness" - if Hylozoic's understanding of evolution is correct and Man is the life-form which through eons of reincarnations has developed the ability of self-reflection and the ability to put the reflections into meaningful communication, I can understand the necessity of detachment from nature . The detachment places man in a position in relation to matter that makes man lonely. The loss of meaning in nature and the development of human self-assertion beyond any cosmic dimension is an unknown developmental step in history. History knows no other civilization than Western civilization, which has broken the bond to the whole from which it sprang.

The price of evolution for bringing Man to self-construction and logical-analytic consciousness is separation from nature and solitude in the Cosmos.

The evolution of a self-constructing humanity also brings with it a technical evolution that provides opportunities to support logical and analytical processes at a level that the human brain cannot keep up with. A meeting point where humans and machines move together in a community of interest, approaching,

My eyes see two possibilities for development. Humans can continue detachment and increase the distance to the creation by letting rationality follow their own logic, or by being active in the evolution of a new self-awareness and expanded consciousness by being one with the creative process again. Deeply, these two approaches should be able to meet each other and create a new future for humanity.

In a series of PREMIUM articles in the online magazine Futures of Man, I will outline a possible way to go. Curious? Please follow. 


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